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Milo is 15 months old!

15 months with graphic

Another month is gone!

It hasn’t to be honest been the best month for him. I think I mentioned in the 14 months post that his molars were coming through, and the teething has been going on continuously since then. We’re now at 12 teeth, and I cannot wait until they’re all out. He’s really suffering with it. Those smiley happy racey around moments still exist, but they’re interspersed with lots and lots of crying. It’s so horrible when you can’t do anything about it. He goes bright red and screams and won’t take food, or drink, or calpol, or let himself be held, and occasionally him to roll around on the floor until he has knackered himself out. It makes you feel like an excellent parent, let me tell you!

The teething has also really disturbed his sleep, and he sometimes wakes up for two or more continuous hours in the night, crying and kicking. We’ve given up on trying to get him to stay in his own bed completely now, we put him in there when he falls asleep, but as soon as he wakes up in the night we just take him into our bed. It won’t make him sleep immediately like it used to, but it at least reduces the time it takes for him to drop off again. We’re also still giving milk in the night. It’s not ideally what we want, but it’s the only we get any sleep at all, and we do have work to go to. Once the teeth are out I suppose some sort of sleep training will need to be done.

Speaking of not getting any sleep, our downstairs neighbours have complained about Milo’s night time screaming! We’ve moved him up to his own room, which is up the stairs (our flat is over two floors), and hence away from the neighbours. Because he keeps waking up, it has meant we have had to move into the guest bedroom, because there’s no way I’m running up the (really steep) stairs in the middle of the night. Which obviously is a bit annoying for us! But we needed to move him into his proper room at some point anyway, and it has freed up the room which his cot was previously in and has the sewing machine set up. So I can actually sew when he’s asleep now!

Other than the sleeping and the random unhappiness (only those!) he’s doing well though. He’s really steady on his feet and they’ve started settling into the next age group up at nursery. All the bigger kids in the baby room have moved up, so Milo is now the oldest, and there’s quite a few wee ones that can’t move yet, so they think he’s getting a bit bored. They don’t usually move people into tweenies (that’s what the next group is called) until about 16 to 17 months though, and it’s a bit more energetic so he’s been visiting for a couple of hours a day to ease him into it. It’s mad how fast he is growing up!

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  • J. 22 March 2014, 6:02 pm

    Have you tried homeopathy to help with the teething? Chamomilla is the name of the remedy most associated with easing the pain, fussiness, crying, and tantrums of teething. Some regular chemists also sell homeopathic remedies nowadays, and if they don’t have individual remedies they may have an umbrella teething remedy which will be sold as teething treatment and is a mix of different things. I have found chamomilla really helpful with my kids, I gather you don’t use and alternative medicine usually but as it sounds like you are about at your wits’ end it might be worth considering? I know Nelson’s and Neal’s Yard make homeopathic remedies in England, the may sell across the UK? Good luck.

    • Franca 22 March 2014, 6:28 pm

      I’ve actually tried three different types of homeopathic teething remedies. One sort of worked when it was just the front teeth coming through, but they don’t do anything now it’s the molars. I’ve still used them occasionally, because I’ve got some left, and at least it makes you feel like you’re doing something, but Milo doesn’t like taking them and in any case they don’t work so I’ll pass them on to a friend soon.

      • J. 23 March 2014, 5:47 am

        Oh well, sorry I didn’t manage to give you a new thing to try – and what a shame it hasn’t helped! Wishing you quick teeth!

  • Jen 24 March 2014, 9:57 pm

    Try wetting and freezing some wash cloths (face flannels) for him to chew on. It might help, who knows!

    • Franca 26 March 2014, 3:03 pm

      Thanks for the tip! thankfully we seem to be through the worst of it now!

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