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What I wore: Red, yellow and orange

flame colours
cat brooch
lifting up

This is a bit of a vintage outfit for me! Not as in vintage style, but as in what I used to wear in my wardrobe remix and blogging heyday – lots of bright colours all at the same time. I rarely dress like that these days, I am gravitating more towards the neutral tights, but it’s fun to go back to it every now and then!

I also piled on the jewellery. The brooch was a present from Dave’s mum, it has a wee bell at the bottom. Milo loved ringing it – that’s what he’s doing in the picture. Unfortunately it fell off somewhere on the way home, and it was only the first time I’d ever worn it 🙁

The bangles were also a success with Milo, he kept trying to take them off me and carried them around for a bit. And then he tried to give them to a random old lady invigilating the exhibition (this is in the museum) because that’s what he’s like. Always generous with his mum’s possessions he’s grown tired off, the little scamp!

I also changed this outfit around a bit for night time. Dave and I were on a magical babysittered night out to fancy local restaurant timberyard (oh it was lovely! I don’t even know how you get a parsley root to taste all smokey, or what a parsley root even is, but oh my god it was amazing!), and for that I changed the tights to black, the shoes to boots, the jewellery to my leah stein cat brooch I bought on our honeymoon (you can see it on instagram here), and the handbag to vintage tooled leather. Actually the reason I wore this dress was because it could be changed round easily! But there is no picture of that outfit other than the insta one because sometimes you need to just live, and not always take pictures.

Outfit stats:
* dress – people tress * top under – uniqlo * shoes – el naturalista * brooch – handmade, gift * wooden bangle – independent boutique in New York * fabricey bangle – Beacon‘s closet, from a different New York trip * red bangle – cheap import shop *

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