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March (and February) happenings


I’ve decided to skip the update on the aims this time, because nothing much has really happened, but here’s what I was up to in March according to instagram.

  1. The flowers came out
  2. I had some coffee
  3. Milo did some painting
  4. Milo and Dave slept in the most adorable way ever
  5. Milo and I wore matching pjs
  6. Milo stuffed his face with adult portions of food
  7. I wore some brooches
  8. We had gelato
  9. Milo insisted on taking his indoor toys outside
  10. I sent a parcel for the snail mail swap…
  11. …and I got one
  12. Granny came to visit
  13. more brooches
  14. Milo slept crumpled up like a newborn
  15. I got my hair done…
  16. …this was the result
  17. Bertie cat went missing for three and a half days and came back just as we’d put the posters up
  18. We dyed some eggs and I dunked my hands in the dye
  19. We went for a fancy meal and started off with some fancy beer
  20. Dave and Milo made made sensory rice krispie cakes
  21. We went to the Barras to see Franz Ferdinand and it was ace
  22. I went to Glasgow for work and took pictures of the streetart like a tourist
  23. More Glasgow streetart
  24. Milo properly joined the Tweenie room at nursery and celebrated by racing his wheeliebug around like a mentalist
  25. I bought some fabric
  26. Noveltybroochfriday again
  27. Our baby Oleg toy arrived, about 4 months after we switched energy supplier
  28. More Easter egg dyeing
  29. I got a moominmamma print for mothers day
  30. We had visitors and our babies played together. Hayley is three months younger than Milo but quite a bit taller!

P.s. after writing this post I discovered quite a lot of these pics are actually from February! Oops! I maybe should develop e better system of keeping track of my inst photos than one giant flick upload just before I do a roundup post.

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  • VSA 7 April 2014, 6:25 pm

    So fun! Thank you – you bring some beauty and fun with your posts.


  • Jane 8 April 2014, 7:27 pm

    Enjoy every single second – it flies by far too fast.

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