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From the playpark yesterday. We don’t often go there at the weekend, it’s mad busy, but I needed to take Milo out of the house so Dave could fill in an application form. It was actually really fun! I’ve not really been so much of a fan of the playground, I get cold so easily from all the standing around. But now the weather’s better I don’t mind doing a bit of mum-hovering. And it was nice for there to be lots of other kids, last time I went on a Friday morning there were only five people there!

Anyway, Milo. He spent ages climbing up this fancy machine that is supposed to be used for channeling water (it has this windy screw bit, do you know what I mean playground visitors?) although there is no water in it. Whatever you call it, this contraption is the big thing with the bigger kids, I was dead worried they were going to step on his hands or knock him off as they raced up and down. He’s just so tiny! I really need to relax myself.

Later on he went into the sand pit and hung out with a more age-appropriate crowd. This girl took a total shine to him and kept following him around trying to hold his hand. It was very cute!

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014

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