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April consumption log

These were my/our purchases in April:


* Jacket (new, supermarket)

* Socks (new, supermarket)


* H&M shirt (used, charity shop)

* Glasses (new, free for review)
new glasses

* Joules Jacket (new, free for review)
Joules tweed jacket

* 6 pairs of socks (new, supermarket)

* Pyjama set (new, supermarket)

* Pyjama bottoms (new, supermarket)


* Handheld blender (new)

* Pyrex pan/baking dish (used, charity shop)


* Lovely lovely new camera lens
I recommend this lens


The thing if you don’t ever go shopping in town is that sometimes the allure of supermarket clothes is strong. It was a combo of my two remaining pairs of bought pyjama bottoms dying (including incidentally a People Tree one that lasted less than two years. I had done lots of darning at one point, but this was beyond saving, loads of holes appeared everywhere. Puts me right off them), and the supermarket having 25% off all clothes. I guess it isn’t actually any worse to buy clothes from a supermarket than from a normal shop, but it feel like it somehow.

Strangely April was the first month I felt a bit more on an even keel financially this year, which is strange given that the council tax started up again for us. Probably because I has an Open Uni due on the 28th which I was struggling with so really did nothing but study for a while. Got a first for it though!

My biggest purchase this month was the lens. I’d been meaning to get it for a long time, but never quite made the plunge. The reason I finally went for it was because I want to take it to Copenhagen in June and I wanted some time to get to grips with it. Turns out it needs no getting to grips with at all. I am seriously impressed with it for the price. It’s a Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F/2.8 and costs less than half of the equivalent canon lens. Such an improvement on the kit lens, especially the focus. On the kit lens the autofocus only worked about 50% of the time and the manual focus was very temperamental. With this lens the manual focus is a dream and the auto has worked every time so far. It also has a wider range, although that does make it slightly heavier.

I just want to also express my annoyance at how it costs more to fix things than to buy new. My handheld blender attachment broke after about 8 years of service. I use it every day to make my breakfast so there was no question that it needed to be replaced. The motor was fine, so a new attachment would have been totally fine. But turns out they no longer make that attachment, and an inferior version (with weird holes at the side, which the reviews said made it work less well) cost more than a new blender. Pah!

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  • J. 14 May 2014, 3:58 pm

    Oh, the unavailability of parts / unmendableness of things drives me round the bend! A major pet peeve.