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April happenings


1. Novelty brooch friday
2. Stopping for quick drink before going to the Hidden Door festival
3. Milo’s art and some post cards on the wall of what is now our craft room (also, guest bedroom)
4. A new cafe was giving out free cupcakes for its opening
5. One of many juice pictures. No one is more surprised than me, but that juicer is getting plenty of use!
6. The washi tape I stuck stuff on the wall with in no. 3. Dave bought it cos it’s got penguins on
7. Milo and his mate Leon getting lunch at the museum
8. I won an instagram competition from local art and design shop Curiouser and Curiouser
9. Puking cat streetart. Says something about me that i thought this was cute rather than disgusting
10. Milo in his Granny’s garden after he demanded to put his rucksack on
11. We found white eggs (for dyeing) at the farm park
12. Packaging on a present Milo got, you could cut it out and make it into cubes
13. Magnolias
14. Another Friday, more brooches
15. We found this random coffee roasting place while walking to lunch in London. All the machines looks at least 50 years old. The beans were weighed on two sided scales using weights. We got two sets of beans and they are both super tasty.
16. Milo waiting for people to turn up at said London lunch
17. The red Violet pre-buttonholes
18. Milo in his new jacket
19. wall decoration in a play cafe
20. My two favourite boys on Blackford Hill
21. The sky was so incredbly blue that day
22. We made shakshuka again. It doesn’t look that appetising but it tastes amazing
23. A flower someone put next to our gate
24. Science festival robot at the Summerhall mini makers faire
25. Ginge
26. I went to Stirling for work and had to wait around the station for ages
27. Easter decorations my granny sent
28. Monkey face on a lamppost in one of those secret paths through the Grange
29. This is what i bought with my curiouser and curiouser voucher (see no. 8)
30. Stuffed flower brooches I made

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