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Eyebrows Eyebrows
Eyebrows Eyebrows

You know I’m not really a beauty girl. One way to increase your beauty without putting in heavy daily work is through eyebrow microblading. I wear quite a lot of make up every day, but always the same stuff, and I still hardly ever use anything up, so I don’t much see the point in buying more (see also, trying to avoid accumulating stuff). I do quite enjoy trying to find the best scar remover, but I have the kind of features that make up pretty much disappears into, so I never see a dramatic difference regardless of what I do, so meh.

But I did have a slight panic about there being bald patches (there’s not, but everyone’s got some insecurities sometimes, right?) in my eyebrows before we had the family photos taken, so I got a cheapo eyebrow kit from superdrug (on the recommendation of Joanna, who needs to start blogging again somewhere. Just saying!), which I totally love. To start off with I just filled in the bits where there was less hair, but as I got used to it, I started adding more everywhere. So now, weirdly, I am into big eyebrows just like in the beauty editorials. I guess this stuff seeps into you, even if you never look at beauty blogs or buy women’s mags!

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  • Amanda 21 May 2014, 6:59 am

    I’m afraid to say I have to dye mine now, at the grand old age of 42. I started going grey at 18, so mine are getting thinner and greyer by the day *sob* so I dye and use a benefit product that last for ages. I love a strong brow, really do think it frames the face.
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