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Milo at 17 months

17 months with graphic

So, since the last of these monthly post, we did controlled crying because we couldn’t take all the kicking and headbutting when Milo was in bed with us any more. And I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner! I was dead against it, but actually it was way easier than I thought. I did a bit of googling, but at the end of the day, the variations of how you should do it seemed pretty much random, so I (and it was me, Dave was being softie and wanted to take him out) went for going back in to soothe him after 5 minutes, then 10 minutes, then every 15 minutes. But the longest he actually ever cried was 40 minutes on the first night, then 25, then 15, then about 5 for a while and now about 1. Seriously, he still cries now when I leave him, but by the time I’m down the stairs and hav installed myself on the sofa he’s calmed down completely. I’m sure he’ll drop the crying altogether soon (touch wood)!

And the best, and totally unexpected, thing is that after the first three days he started sleeping through! How amazing is that! He has occasionally woken up these last couple of weeks, but never to the point where I had to get out of bed. It is AMAZING to be able to sleep uninterrupted, and we’ve been able to move back down the stairs to our proper bedroom (Our flat is on two levels with super steep stairs of death in between, Milo’s room is upstairs and ours downstair, so we’d moved to the guest bedroom when we moved Milos bed up the stairs).

I other news, he’s starting to talk! He’s just got three words he can actually say properly just now (Hiya, car, and wau wau – woof woof in German), but I can tell he’s trying for more all the time! I’m totally loving this phase, we go through a massive stack of books every day.

P.s. I am a total idiot and forgot to actually put the teddy in these photos initially. By the time I realised Milo had had enough of the smiling and just wanted to escape so this is the best of a bad bunch. Here‘s a smiley photo without the teddy!

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