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Some blog comments made in public (an experiment)

scrap vomit, close up of quilting

Contrary to how it might appear, I am still reading blogs. Probably more than I used to, actually, I just do it mainly on my phone because it’s easier and I can sometimes do it while Milo’s playing (whereas if I got the laptop he’d be straight over hitting all the keys). Which means I rarely comment anywhere. It’s a shame really, because I’d like to, and I miss comments on my own blog. I do bookmark things in feedly though, and sometimes (very occasionally) I have a big commenting binge. So I had a thought: what if I transferred this commenting binge into public and made it into a post? A post not involving pictures of Milo and me blethering on incomprehensibly about sleeping pattern?

So this is a trial post: a selection of stuff I’ve bookmarked recently, and some thoughts on it where I have them. But mostly just pointing out things I liked and wanted to tell the person I did. Not a ‘links loved’ type list because I don’t read widely enough for that, just a wee look into my feedly ‘saved for later’ folder.

Let’s see how this goes!


One thing I’ve been following with interest is Ruth Roobeedoo’s Me Made May. Her plan this year is to focus on wearing handmades to work and building a professional wardrobe. It always fascinates me what people define as a professional wardrobe. My understanding of professional is not very professional at all. I guess for me it mainly just means no trainers or jeans (although even that rule is bendable, if they’re dark and trouser like), and wearing make up. Something I’ve becoming more aware of recently is the condition of clothes. I’ve somehow started following a few boards on GOMI, and one of them the commenters talk a lot of about how professional clothes need to not be overwashed (and they’re talking real professional clothes, like if you worked at a solicitors of whatever). I suppose this vaguely relates to a (one of only two!) questions I got from reader Mary

A few posts ago, you posted about the clothes you normally wear to the office you noted how different they were from your ‘blog’ clothes. I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts about why there is such a difference between the two styles. I totally (in the context of my own life) get the point about wanting easy, quick to assemble outfits for work – but it would still be possible to wear purple trousers and red jerseys (if you get what I mean). I think about this a lot myself. I like my work clothes to be simple and easy – but then I get BORED TO TEARS. What do you think about all this.

I guess my reason for wearing neutrals to work is because then I can get away with a slightly worse condition. A navy jumper with some pilling is not nearly as noticeable as a pink one. I guess in general I feel that since bright clothes are more ‘look at me’ they have to be better fitting and in better condition, whereas neutrally stuff blends into the background so even if people notice it’s a bit worn, they’ll just skim over that, because the neutralness says ‘I’m not trying to go for a look here, I just need to wear something’. Do you know what I mean?

The other reason I am increasingly staying away from the brighter colours for work is that combined they can look a bit ‘young’. Not to get into lots of prescriptive rules about age appropriate clothing here, but I’ve definitely noticed now (and maybe it was the parenthood more than the ageing as such) I just really don’t want to dress like a child. I still love colours, but even in my non-work clothes sometimes I start feeling a bit uncomfortable in clothes that are all Woo! Colour! There’s always been an element for me that I didn’t want people at work to think I was younger than I was (for experience/being taken seriously reasons), which has now been joined by a slight lamb in sheeps clothing element now I’ve got proper wrinkles and constant bags under my eyes.


Ok, it appears that this whole link roundup thing has failed and I’ve just proceeded to blabber on for ages about thoughts coming out of the first link! So here are some other short ones to redress the balance.

60 eurovision winners. Go Luxembourg, even if you did used to nick everyone else’s artists. Remember Plastic Bertrand of ca plane pour moi fame? He did a Eurovision song for Luxembourg despite being Belgian. Incidentally, how amazing was the Conchita thing this year? I was quite drunk by the end of it, jumping up and down going yeah Austria!

Whole-grain cinnamon swirl bread and baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms
I keep bookmarking stuff from Smitten Kitchen, though I’ve yet to make anything.

Blockbusters haxagon crochet blanket. Lovely!

So happy for Rhianne. Looking forward to loads of gorgeous photos!

Pickled cherry blossoms. Hhmmm!

Intrinsic motivation in beauty work. I’ve been wondering about this. I wear make up every day, and I do quite enjoy putting it on, but would I still if it wasn’t for the incremental improvements (civil service phrase alert!) in how it makes me look>

80s prom!

Photo from bitsandbobbins, clickable for source, makes me want to learn to quilt!

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  • Rhianne 19 May 2014, 9:21 am

    Aww, thank you so much Franca 🙂 you’ve made my day. I’m in the same position as you with commenting to be honest, I tend to read on my phone as well and then forget to comment once I’m back at a computer, I do read all your blog posts though, so I’m around even if it doesn’t seem like it.

    I am exactly the same as you with work clothes, I rarely wear colours to work and when I do, I feel like a walking beacon. In fact, normally on dress down days, I tend to dress up in my nicer non work clothes haha than actually dress down. I do work in a fairly casual office though, perhaps it would be different if I had to dress in a much smarter way.
    Rhianne recently posted..Searching for something… something differentMy Profile

  • Steph 19 May 2014, 12:28 pm

    Interesting concept. I quite liked that “blog comments made in public” idea.
    Regarding work clothes I would agree about neutral colours not looking worn as easily as brighter colours and I would also say that I have tried to ensure that I don’t dress too “young” in the office, although I did get asked if I was wearing pyjamas at my old office when I wore printed trousers so maybe I didn’t always follow that rule. Recently I have started working in a more relaxed office clothing-wise and I find myself wearing bright colours and patterns more often along with my jeans which would never have been okay in my old office – maybe I am just having a mini-revolt against my previous dress code 🙂
    Steph recently posted..Remember when I enjoyed riding??My Profile

  • Sarah 23 May 2014, 4:43 am

    Oh, how interesting! I’m right with you there regarding a move away from color in work wardrobe (well, in most of my wardrobe). I wondered if maybe living in Seattle had started to settle back into my closet (when I first moved to Santa Barbara, most of my wardrobe was grey and blue-grey and oatmeal … then I started dabbling with color … and now, lots of grey and black and dark blue and oatmeal again!), but perhaps it’s an ageing thing. Or a simplicity thing. Or – maybe fashion trends are just veering back to neutrals again, after years of color?

    Hmmm something to ponder. Of course, I don’t have the disposable income to do much of anything in the way of shopping these days, but I do have a gorgeous bit of deep green silk suiting and I’ve been daydreaming about making a fit-and-flare dress … and doing some serious embroidery all around the waistline, in soft celadon and deep bronze… Okay, so neutrals and greens. =)
    Sarah recently posted..before the stormMy Profile

  • Mary 24 May 2014, 2:06 am

    Hi Franca and thanks for your detailed reply to my question about work and non-work wardrobes: it definitely gave me further food for thought. It’s interesting that you and Steph both feel that neutrals look less ‘worn’ for longer than coloured clothes. I was also interested in the not looking as though one is dressing ‘too young’ for one’s age. I’m quite a bit older than you (in my 50s) and certainly don’t have to worry about bright colours making me look too young for my job. I also, for some reason, don’t feel that colour makes me look like mutton dressed as lamb – although I do worry about that with shape and proportion (too short, too tight, too baby doll (no empire waists for me!)). I do think that for some types of colouring, as you get older, black does start to have a more and more draining effect on your face and I think that’s certainly swayed me towards colour over the last few years (after many years of wearing a lot of black/dark colours): you just get tired of looking sick and tired. Oddly enough, it’s a sort of argument against quality clothing – I have a lot of very good quality, hard wearing black clothing that I’m trying to ‘wear out’ – being the frugal type – while feeling that it no longer does me any favours to wear it. Possibly I just had too many clothes. So maybe it’s not an argument against quality but an argument for a more minimalist approach. Sorry getting a bit long and off topic. Will stop.

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