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There’s a Scaramanga shop in Edinburgh!

Very Vintage Scaramanga wideshot Sat_HDR_Web
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At the weekend I took a little wander over to Bruntsfield to check out new community grocer Dig in Bruntsfield who someone in my craft group is involved in running, but much more excitingly (at least in terms of this blog!) I also visited the new Scaramanga shop. Some long term readers may remember that for I got one of their bags my birthday a couple of years ago. Well, it’s my number one bag, I wear it all the time and it’s aged really well!

So I was pretty excited when I found out they’ve opened a shop in Edinburgh by teaming up with a country style antiques shop (is that a thing? the country style comes from the press release! Basically they have old trunks and boxes and cabinets that are left intentionally distressed looking – well you can see it yourself in the pictures) to become Very Vintage Scaramanga.

The reason I particularly wanted to go is because I’ve had my eye on another one of their designs, and I was vaguely toying with it for my birthday which is coming up really soon! Alas, I actually hallucinated that bag! See those saddle bags with the one buckle in the second picture? Well, I thought that the big version was big like a school satchel, with enough space in for my slr camera. But turns out the biggest size is just 12 inches and way narrow. So that was not to be. But if Scaramanga or any other naturally tanned leather bag makers are listening: there’s a gap in the market for a rounded shape bag with just one buckle and plenty of storage space!

P.s. The photos for this post are all taken by Scaramanga, but this is not a sponsored post.

P.p.s. Scaramanga also sell online via their website and there’s a shops in St.Andrew’s and Cupar for anyone that happens to be in Fife!

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  • Laura Falkiner-Rogers 30 May 2014, 11:45 pm

    I actually went in there today after reading this post! It’s a great shop, although maybe more for a considered purchase than an impulse buy, especially for a student like me, but I did really like it and I’m considering one of those bags for my birthday too!

  • Sister 1 June 2014, 8:18 pm

    Oh da will ich nächstes Wochenende hin wenn sichs einrichten lässt! Die Sattel-Leder-Taschen sehen ecjht super aus. Schade, dass ich Handtaschen so selten benutze.

  • Chantele 2 June 2014, 10:12 pm

    Oh swoon! Thats all I can say! Love the satchels so much!

    Two Hearts One Roof
    Chantele recently posted..In Search of the Perfect First HomeMy Profile

  • Carl 7 June 2014, 9:43 am

    Happy birthday Franca. We did have the saddlebag you were describing. It’s 14 inches x 14. with a single buckle fastening the front flap. We have sent you one for your birthday. Have a great day. If you get a chance do send us a photo of it. Carl