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(Last ever) update on my 2014 aims

Some Corner Of A Field (Black and White Light Painting)

I’ve decided to retire this series because frankly I was saying the same thing every month, and I’m kind of even boring myself writing it. But I did write this at the end of March and then never posted it, so for the sake of completeness, here it is.

Knit a jumper. It’s happening! I think I will be finished well before it’s jumper weather again

Knit at least two paid patterns. Still only the one

Sew one garment to a standard comparable with shop bought. I’m getting better, but no, not yet.

Read one novel a month. The book group book for April was the Method by Juli Zeh. I thought it was interesting and clever, and easy to read, but it wasn’t so well received in the book group, and everyone’s criticisms were valid and actually changed my mind by the end of the discussion. So maybe wouldn’t particularly recommend, unless you like dystopian novels (I really do for some reason!). But what I would recommend is Arcadia by Lauren Groff, especially the first third. Made me cry in a good way!

Get rid of at least ten items of clothing things. I’m getting rid of stuff heavily! Two pyjama bottoms died and had to be thrown out, two jumpers were donated and a skirt was ebayed. I’m pretty sure that’s the ten item target met now.

Really focus on quality, sustainability and coherence for any new purchases. Hhmm, I guess I have failed a bit here. In fact sure directing your husband via text message to buy stuff in the supermarket you haven’t even seen because it’s 25% off and you’re desperate (re PJ bottoms) is the exact opposite of this aim.

Find three recipes that become standards for mid week cooking. We’ve just been cruising along on our standards although they do now include the shaskshuka and the bread salad from Jerusalem and the pesto potato salad from plenty, so could be worse. But there has been no adventure in our kitchen in April.

Eat one mega salad a week. Also not happened much. We have had it but not once a week I don’t think.

Cycle to work three days a week. Yes! I have committed myself to the 5×50, where you walk, run or cycle %k every day for 50 days. My cycle commute is 14K round trip, so that’s by far the easiest way of achieving that. It’s not been too hard at all. I started in the first week of April and there’s only been two days where the weather was so bad I had to force myself.

(May/June update: I’ve cycled every working day for almost two months now)

Master a new yoga pose properly. I have been practicing, but not consistently and in a sort of scattergun approach of whichever pose I can think of. Although I did work out what the pose I want to learn is called. It’s bird of paradise. At the moment I am still at the stage where I have to concentrate to keep my balance when standing up, especially on my left side, I can’t even think of straightening my leg yet.

Consistently speak German to Milo. The advice for bringing up bilingual kids is one parent, one language, but I’ve really struggled on this. It is so hard to speak German to him when there is another person there I’m speaking in English to and I’m moving between the two of them. But it won’t be that long before he starts speaking, so I really need to be on it now.

Reading him a story a day. Yup, easy now he brings books to us. So I’m reading about 20 stories a day (or the same story 20 times).

Offering a wider variety of food. Hmm, not so much. He’s on a big starchy food phase again, some days it’s a total struggle to get him to eat anything other than rice cakes and grapes.

See a financial adviser. Retiring this. I’ve just got to accept that there will not be any spare money kicking about for long term saving/ investing until either one of us gets a promotion or Milo goes to school, whichever comes first.

Drive at least once a week. I haven’t done this at all, because of all the cycling, but I don’t think I need to any more. I’ve gone out by myself with Milo in the car now and that was always my big fear. And it was fine!

(May/June update: I didn’t drive for a month, then the first time I drove I had to do a u turn on a narrow street with lots of kids running about and parallel park twice, and it was fine, so really, that’s it. I can drive and can stop worrying about it, at least in the city. I’ll still need to get some experience of long distance motorway driving (I get completely exhausted after about an hour) but that’s a different thing. If I was continuing with these updates, I’d be retiring it).

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  • Chantele 9 June 2014, 9:51 pm

    Well you seem to have done pretty well on the aims front! I’m sure you will get the other important ones in in 2014!
    Two Hearts One Roof
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