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What I wore: Short everything

dots and green
dots and green

A rare hot weather outfit! First time this year walking around with bare legs. It’s all a bit overexposed so I look really white! And I kind of wish I’d closed my bag. But that’s the thing with bags and me, I am too lazy to ever actually close them so really I need designs where that doesn’t matter.

I know those shoes don’t really go, but I have a dearth of hot weather shoes after my sandals died last year. These keds are not far behind actually the sole is walked through on one side. I do have a talent for destroying soles really quickly, I try very hard not to, but I suspect I still drag my heels around. Although to be fair, these shoes are about six years old so maybe not that bad. It does just feel like everything in my wardrobe is disntegrating at the same time a bit at the moment.

Outfit stats:
tshirt – h&m * skirt – dave made it * shoes – keds * brooches (one now sadly lost) – from when i was little * bag – the leather store on etsy *

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