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Down South, innit


First of all, sorry about all the scheduling mess up with those two posts publishing at the same time on Monday. One was meant to go on Friday I had wanted to switch the order of them round at the last minute but then obviously only changed one but not the other. I don’t know if this has been noticeable or not, but I have been slightly overstretched with the studying and the holidays and having visitors. I have so many ideas for blog posts, but no time to actually write them, so it’s going to be picture heavy and full of typos for the next wee while at least. I do like the regular posting schedule, but I’m not promising it’s not going to go all go tits up again at some point.

Anyway, the reason for all the rushing around at the end of last week was that we went to visit our friends down south at the weekend. I was going to conference on the Monday, so was getting my flights paid anyway, so we decided to take advantage to all go down for the weekend. We mainly (by which I mean completely) stayed in Richmond where our friends stay, they have 6 month old twins so are not exactly very mobile. Milo was a bit ill, and not really eating, but still had fun playing in their park and going cocopter! (=helicopter) at all the planes (they live under the heathrow flight path). It was really warm as well, it has been warm in Edinburgh anyway, but a good extra 7 degrees in London. On the Friday especially! I even got a bit of sunburn, and I never get sunburnt!

Also, nothing to do with this, but THE FOOTBALL! did you see it?

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  • Jessica 14 July 2014, 6:10 am

    Brazil? It made me cry. Never imagined I’d see such a thing! But your trip down south looks lovely.