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August break roundup

August break

So hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the little photography interlude! I certainly did, although I found it really hard to do this properly, i.e. take pictures on the actual day. It doesn’t go with my control freakerish and scheduling tendencies, but it was good to be a bit more relaxed and accept that some days are just better than others.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting month. As local readers know, Edinburgh gets a bit crazy during the fringe and now we live on the Southside we get to see it all every day. I didn’t actually go and see any shows (except Hot Dub Time Machine, which is more of a club), because I had (and have) this Open University degree final project (like a dissertation) hanging over my head. But I did spend a lot of time in the BBC tent, which I think should be there all the time. Lots of free kids activities and lots of shows being recorded, and the perfect compromise between the museum and the playpark if the weather doesn’t know what it’s doing.

Anyway, I’ll stop now, this is too rambly. Normal scheduling will resume after this, though is likely to still be pretty basic until 4 October, when I have to hand the project of horror in. And then, I can officially say, I will not study again!

p.s. There was 31 days in August, so had to take out one of the pictures. I went for ‘in your bag’.

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