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Turquoise Chardon skirt

chardon skirt
chardon skirt
chardon skirt
chardon skirt

I bought the pattern for this Deer and Doe Chardon ages and ages ago, and only recently got round to making it. The fabric is some John Lewis 150 year anniversary fabric I got when my craft group did a stall in the shop for their celebrations. There was only 1 meter, so not enough for the pockets, which I ended up making out of some old sheets instead. I actually quite like that they’re a different colour.

I really like the pattern and it sews up quickly (sews up! I’m a sewing blogger now, apparently! I still think it’s a silly phrase, ‘sew up’ when just sew would do, but obviously not enough to stop me using it), but there is one bit I still don’t understand that maybe someone can explain:

1. In Step 2 it tells you sew the pleat together, then topstitch on either side of the pleat seam.

2. Then on the next page it tells you to ‘sew’ some of the pleats (version A) or ‘stitch’ all 9 pleats (version B). In version A, the pleats that you haven’t sewn are still meant to be open so you can slot the ribbon in.

My problem is all the pleats are already done and dusted and as sewn closed as they’ll ever be after 1. I’ve no idea what they even mean by sewing or stitching the pleats in 2, beyond what it says to do in 1.

I didn’t make the version with the ties, so it didn’t matter (I also ditched the belt loops as I don’t wear belts any more really), but it bothers me not knowing, and I do want to make the version with the contrasting hem band and the ties at some point.

Even where I understood the instructions, I am apparently unable to follow them and on my first attempt I accidentally stitched the pleats together the wrong way so the inverted box pleats became just box pleats. I thought that on my first attempt I should probably do it properly though, so I unpicked them and started again. I also managed to do something funny to the facing in the waistband where the side seams are meant to line up. One side lined up perfectly, the other one was about 5cms out, but the overall length of the facing was exactly right. Not totally (at all) sure what I did!

Anyway, pattern and execution problems notwithstanding, I love this skirt and I know there will be many more in my future, in fact I’ve already made number two and bought fabric for number three. It’s a great basic/wardrobe staple and I’ve worn it to work a lot already, which is the sign of a good make. I love that it has a nice structured pouffy shape without using tons of fabric. Though all this skirt making does mean I now have to make some tops to balance things out!

Outfit stats:
skirt – me made * top – gap * brooches (matching fabric!) – me made * sandals – saltwater sandals *

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  • bani 17 September 2014, 11:30 am

    Ah, but if you start “whipping things up” then you really have become a proper sewing blogger. šŸ˜‰
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