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What I wore: Sorbetto part 2

colette sorbetto pt 2
colette sorbetto pt 2
colette sorbetto pt 2

So, while August break was happening, I’ve been sewing. For reals.

This here is my second Colette Sorbetto. You may remember the fit of the first one was way off, which I did try to fix here, semi-successfully. I ditched the pleat, moved the darts down 2.5 cms and the armholes up 1.5cms. This did kind of work, the darts meet my bust point and there is no armhole gaping. But there still is tons and tons of extra fabric in the middle and the neckline is all wrong. It probably doesn’t help that I was lazy and ended up using some random bias binding to finish the seams, which is wider than what you’re meant to use. To be honest, it probably looks worse than the first one, though it feels like it fits better. Next time I am doing a proper FBA, which I finally understand how to do!

Fabric I got from Kerry at the Glasgow sewing blogger meet. It’s quite a thin cotton, which is probably why it didn’t like that mega bias binding. I’m pretty chuffed with my lining up skills, the horizontal striped match across the back (which or course you can’t see, but they do!).

Outfit stats:
* top – me-made * vintage skirt – charity shop * shoes – clarks *

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  • Kerry 8 September 2014, 4:30 pm

    I was going to comment that I have that same fabric, until you said at the end of the post that you got it from me! 🙂 That’s good you are getting to grips with fitting, however I find that the more I know the worse it gets because you start to recognise all these weird fit issues and feel like you have an abnormally shaped body!
    If you’re finding the neckline too gappy I would recommend doing a little pleat thing (or two) along the neckline, like I did with the Belcarra blouse I just posted
    Kerry recently posted..Finished: Belcarra Blouse & Fit StrugglesMy Profile