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What I wore: Tweed blazer

great plains tweed blazer
great plains tweed blazer
great plains tweed blazer

I’m back, with a non-chronological outfit post. While I was on my break, Great Plains offered to send me something from their autumn/winter collection to check out. They have some great work-appropriate stuff, which is just as well because that’s what my wardrobe is missing, casual fun things I mainly plan on sewing myself from now on (fighting talk, I know!). Anyway, I got this tweed blazer style jacket from the coats and jackets section. They have a matching pair of trousers as well, so I was expecting this to be an indoor suit jacket, but actually it’s a lovely thick material, so I’ve been wearing it as an outdoor jacket loads and will do until it turns proper cold.

I had originally planned to show you it how I’ll be wearing it to work, with a black dress, but then that would have required me to wear officey type clothes at the weekend, and lets face it I barely even wear smart clothes at work (I cycle to work, so it’s not the easiest, and I tend to reserve proper smart clothes for when I have meetings with externals, Directors or ministers. The cycling also means I would have to change back into them after getting home if I wanted to take a weekday photo, which ain’t gonna happen). So I wore a more weekend appropriate thing of jeans and a checked shirt, and that’s mostly how I’ve been wearing it.

These photos were taken at the Secret Herb Garden by the way, which I will post about on Friday!

Outfit stats:
* blazer – c/o great plains * shirt – charity shop * jeans – only * shoes – clarks *

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