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How we plan for holidays (and the first Paris pics)


While we were in Luxembourg at my parents we had a sneaky two days in Paris without the microbee. We were really worried about leaving Milo, as he’s never been away from us for longer than an evening, which is why we only stayed away for two nights and made sure we were back well before bed time on the day we returned. In the end, it was totally fine! He apparently did not cry or have tantrums at all, which is nothing short of a miracle!


Anyway, it was good we only went for two days because we completely knackered ourselves out walking about all day. We hardly got the metro at all and our legs felt so tight by the end of it we were ready to collapse onto the train.


We have a very specific way of discovering a city actually, which I’m not sure anyone else does, but works for us. Pretty much all our holidays are to European cities, and what we do is research them lots in guides (we always get time out if there is one), websites and blogs and find some hidden gems. Which sometimes turn out not to exist any more, or not be so gem-like after all, but doesn’t matter because the most important thing is that once we’ve picked them we walk between them. And in the process see the city.


On our full day the things we had looked up were a secret toy shop, a street of antiques shops focusing on mid century stuff and an arcade. In the end, the toy shop was either closed down or in renovation (it’s courtyard was a building site) and the antiques street turned out not to be particularly mid century based after all (the arcade was ace and I will blog it soon), but in the process we walked from Pere Lachaise, to Bastille roundabout, to Notre Dame, Saint Germain du Pres, the Louvre and all the bits round Opera and les Halles. We’d planned to get the metro to a restaurant we’d picked in Pigalle before fabric shopping in Montmartre but in the end there wasn’t a convenient connection so we ended up just walking there too.


I really recommend this approach to exploring a city, it gives you something to focus on so you don’t just wander about randomly, but it does have an element of chance to it depending on what connecting street you end up taking and you’ll stumble across lots of fun things you’d never otherwise have noticed!

And that’s all for today! I’ve got a few Paris-themed posts planned over the next few weeks, so more soon!

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