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Project 52: 42/52

ready steady go

We’ve discovered a new game. Well the game’s not really new, it’s just running around, but Milo has, on his own accord, started saying ‘Steady, GO!’ (I guess they must have taught him this at nursery. As they must have taught him that horses are called horseys, sheep baa baas and trains choo choos. Because they are not phrases we ever used to him ourselves until he started using them himself.) So now we play ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ which is basically him crouching down and then everyone running off at go.

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2014

P.s. Dave disagreed with my photo choice this week. Of course he was overruled because while I value his views (Hi skat!) I’m the boss of this blog. But in case anyone would like to see a less dynamic, but more smiley picture of Milo in ready steady go mode, this is his favourite.

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