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What I wore: a green Chardon

chardon pt 2
chardon pt 2
chardon pt 2
chardon pt 2

First of all thanks for your comments on Friday’s post! Now on with scheduled programmeing…

Today I’m showing you Deer and Doe Chardon mark 2 (first version here). I wore this to go through to Glasgow for a sewing blogger meet up/shopping trip. And of course when you meet up with sewing bloggers, you have to wear something handmade!

I used a thickish and cheapish 100% cotton from Edinburgh Fabrics for this. I thought this skirt would work well in a thicker fabric, and it does, it holds the poufy shape nicely. However, it also crumples really easily, you can see that on the back here in particular. Feel free to bitch about my lack ironing, I deserve it! I made this as a work skirt, but by the time I get it out of my rucksack I keep my clothes in while cycling to work, it’s so crumpled it’s really not professional looking any more by any stretch of the imagination. I do have some pinstripey suit material which I might use for another version.

I made the basic version A again, without the belt loops. I had actually decided to put belt loops on at the end, and had made them, but the thickness of the fabric meant that I wouldn’t have been able to sew these in on themselves, let alone attach them to the waistband. If I ever make one in a thinner fabric I will definitely be trying again though!

The photos were taken in a new location, our downstairs neighbours terrace. The owners live in Barcelona and have put the flat up for sale. There was tenants in there before but they’ve now moved out so it’s just standing empty, until they sell which is unlikely to be anytime soon (it’s totally overpriced, even for Edinburgh). Which means we get all the apples from their apple tree and I can take pictures against that wall undisturbed!

Reading over this post before posting made me realise that these photos really don’t showcase this pattern very well, as you can’t see the waistband and the box pleats, so really this could be any old skirt. Oh well, I recommend looking at my first go!

Outfit stats:
* shirt – charity shop * skirt – I made it * shoes – clarks * brooch – citizen rosebud shop

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