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What I wore: Scandi volume

gudrun sjoden dress
gudrun sjoden dress
embroidery detail
gudrun sjoden dress
gudrun sjoden dress
gudrun sjoden dress

Today’s outfit features a new dress which was kindly sent to me by Gudrun Sjoden. When they contacted me for a review, I was really interested because I’d heard of the brand back in my wardrobe remix days when people were talking about how much they loved it, but then I never heard of it again since. Turns out they are a Swedish company headed up by designer Gudrun Sjoden herself that’s only now launching in the UK.

The styling on the website isn’t my thing (this dress was shown with voluminous trousers and a rollneck underneath, it was just all a bit much volume), but the garments themselves are beautiful and stand on their own when worn with nothing much else. This dress is made from a really fine 50% linen – 50% cotton blend, with the most gorgeous embroidery. Which got the approval from the crazy chatty lady* in the corner shop! She told me that the embroidery must have been made in India and indeed it was. The company has a strong sustainable angle, most of the stuff is made from organic fabric (this is not though) and they get involved in environmental projects and the philosophy is very much driven by long-term individual style rather than fashion. They also have long term relationships with their suppliers and have a code of conduct for fair and safe working conditions. Would be good to see them go fully fair trade in future!

One thing to mention about GS is the sizing, which as you can see is very generous. It’s that Scandinavian oversized style, like Marimekko. This is the size M which is UK size 14-16 (S is 10-12). They also have four different levels of fit with increasing amount of ease (which as far as I can tell just means they’re bigger all round). This is the standard fit, the second smallest. My measurements were in the M category, so I went for that. I knew it was going to be massive but that’s what I wanted. I would be interested to see the fit of the S for comparison though!

Outfit stats:
* dress – c/o Gudrun Sjoden * jacket – c/o Great Plains * shoes – Clarks *

* I once had to go for an emergency milk run when Milo was quite small, I’d already given him his bath, so he was in his pj’s and had wet hair so I was really just trying to get the milk and get back home as soon as possible. She engaged me in a ten minute conversation about breastfeeding in which she quizzed me in detail about when I had stopped, when I had gone back to work, when I had switched to cows milk etc, and told me all about her daughter who had breastfed her kids until they were two. She was completely oblivious that this is a topic some people might not want to answer questions on (not me, I don’t mind, though I did just want to get home).

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  • MIS PAPELICOS 12 October 2014, 4:44 pm

    You are both sooooo lovely Franca.
    I saw you pregnant last time, and here is Milo.
    Glad to hear from you.

    • Franca 14 October 2014, 1:16 pm

      Thank you for your comment!

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