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What I wore: Braintree bamboo tunic

braintree tunic
braintree tunic
braintree tunic

New clothes alert! Braintree Clothing contacted me to see if I wanted to review something from their autumn/winter collection, and I was only too happy! I’ve been a Braintree fan ever since I won one of their throw cardigans in a competition last year, which I lived in all winter.

I really love the prints they’ve got in their new stuff, so much choice! I chose this blue based print and went for the tunic length (it also comes as a top and a dress) for versatility – the Ziva vintage inpired tunic. It’ll go with jeans but can also be worn on its own with opaque tights. At least for a shortarse like me!

I’ve actually got really into short lengths recently, weirdly. I would have never worn something this short a few years ago because I felt self conscious about my giant thighs and I’m actually a fair bit heavier now. But I also feel more toned from getting into a proper cycling to work every day habit. The increased muscle tone may or may not actually be there, but I don’t care. Yay for randomly acquired body positivity!

I also love this tunic cos it’s made from 70% bamboo. Bamboo obviously has some sustainability advantages because it’s a fast growing renewable resource, and it also feels great as a fabric. It’s super soft and does not at all feel syntheticy (though I am aware it is a synthetic really, the bamboo goes through a lot of processing to make it into fabric). Is also breathable and antibacterial. I have a pair of bamboo leggings also from Braintree, I wear them to yoga (ashtanga and vinyasa, i.e. sweaty) all the time with ages between washes and they have yet to get stinky. I do wash them obvs usually after I spill food on them!

Anyway, that’s enough about this dress! You can see the rest of the Braintree collection here, and if anything takes your fancy, I’ve got a free delivery discount code for ya! Just enter the code ORANGES at checkout (valid until 1.1.15).

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