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Black and white for Christmas

christmas day
christmas day
christmas day

This is what I wore on Christmas Day. It amuses me that I’m showing you this halfway through January when I’ve seen other bloggers talk about how late they were in posting their Christmas outfit on like the 28th. Oh well, I never said I was going for currentness!

Anyway, the interesting thing about this outfit is the neckpiece. I call it that, cos it’s not a necklace, though it has a chain at the back, and it’s not a scarf, though it does keep your neck warm a little. I haven’t worn it much, because it is so random, and also being white, not the most functional thing in the world. I do love it though, and it was perfect for sprucing up my basic jersey outfit. It’s by Leicester based independent designer SMWalker, I bought it off her three years ago at this pop up shop, which has now turned into a permanent one (I first wrote about it here). Here’s a close up from instagram:

Neck piece thingy

I bump watch news, this is week 14 (I think).

Outfit stats:
* top – h&m maternity * skirt – jojo maman bebe * shoes – clarks * neckpiece – SMWalker *

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