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Project 52: 2/52

secret herb garden

Yesterday we went to the Secret Herb Garden with a new friend and her little one in a bid to give them some outside-ish running around time, while escaping the insane weather (sun/snow/sun/snow). It didn’t start well, when we got there they told us the greenhouse was closed due to the winds (there’d been yellow strom warnings the previous two nights) so we thought we’d made the trip unnecessarily. But actually we discovered after having our coffee and cake, turned out it was open to walk in, just not heated, so the wee ones got to explore and play with the cars after all, and it was funny because I found a new Chrysler 300 for sale and I had always wanted one. The actually played together really well despite the age difference (the other boy is 5 month younger, but quite a bit taller), which was nice. Last time we met up Milo pretty much ignored him. It’s nice to see him playing with other kids as he gets older rather than just next to them!

I was having a hard time deciding which photo to go for, I was considering going for this one of just Milo (which i do love) or this one of the two of them in the snow, but Milo’s more of a secondary figure there, and although I have permission to post my friend’s kid, it would be a bit weird in a series about Milo. So I chose to go for this one. While you can’t see their faces, it illustrates nicely how they were running around together, and also the height difference.

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2015

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