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Crafternoon for beads of courage

beads of courage crafternoon

Last weekend, one of the ladies in my craft group organised a ‘Crafternoon’ to sew bags for charity. The bags were for the beads of courage programme which operates at the local children’s hospital Sick Kids. It’s a programme for seriously ill children. They get given a beaded necklace with their name on when they first start and then for every treatment they get another bead. The bags are to keep the beads in, as apparently some kids end up having something like 2000 treatments.

The afternoon was brilliant fun! Lots of people brought sewing machines and they were set up all over Morag’s flat, every room you went into there’s be a couple of people sewing. We ended up making 26 bags in that afternoon, and ended up running out of labels! How lovely do they all look? I’m hoping to make another four before they all get handed over to the Sick Kids.

The pattern for the bags is here if anyone’s inspired.

beads of curage crafternoonOne of the rooms

beads of curage crafternoonCutting table

beads of curage crafternoon

beads of curage crafternoonThe fabric stash area

beads of curage crafternoonThreading in the ribbons

beads of curage crafternoonCutting table mess

beads of curage crafternoonRefreshments

beads of curage crafternoonFinished bags

beads of curage crafternoonSewing machines on the coffee table

beads of curage crafternoon

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