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Kid’s room inspiration


We’re in a very different place now being pregnant with the Picobee than we were with Milo. Back then, we were trying to sell our flat, and looking for places to buy, but not wanting to get too attached in case they went before we sold. I was feeling majorly nesty back then, but couldn’t really do anything about that because of the moving situation and no spare room that could have been made into a kids room/nursery. Now we’re all settled in the new place and we have it looking how we want it (within reason, I’d love some new sofas that aren’t totally faded and covered in food, but that will have to wait), and we’re busy with Milo, so I’m not nesting as madly (yet, anyway).

We’re probably not really going to do any decorating for the baby, he’ll go in with us for a while and then into the small room on the same level as our bedroom that’s currently used as the craft room (well, it has the sewing desk, my sewing machine set up, some of Dave’s train modelling stuff and cupboards storing the yarn, fabric and patterns. Mostly it just has a futon and a giant bookcase in it though). He’ll not be in there for that long so we’ll probably end up just hanging some kid-appropriate stuff on the walls and leave it at that (I’ve got my eye on this print).

The proper decorating will come when we move the Picobee into his proper room. It’s currently the spare bedroom (and where we’re sleeping at the moment as we’re doing sleep training round 2: get Milo to stay in his bed) and we’ll need to figure out how we’ll set it up so we can keep it functioning as that, while also making it a kids room. And I’m not quite ready for that discussion yet.

In the meantime though, I’m still really enjoying browsing for nursery set ups on Pinterest. Guess I’m nesting a bit after all!

Sources for all photos can be found on my baby stuff Pinterest board.

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