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What I wore: blue and yellow in the snow

snow day
19 weeks
snow day
snow day

This is from Thursday, the one day we had proper snow. I was working from home so I took the opportunity to sneak out for ten minutes to take some pictures. It’s nice to have a bright background! I will admit to getting dressed for the photo though, not sure I would have worn a skirt, or even non-joggy bottom trousers if it hadn’t been for that.

All that brightness does emphasise the roots in my hair. I’ve decided not to keep my highlights going because another layer on top of the existing one will push me into proper blond property and then the roots will be so obvious and I’ll have to go regularly for things to not look rubbish. And I can’t really afford to keep having it done all the time. So I think I will just leave it to grow out until the end of mat leave and then have it chopped and highlighted just before going back to work.

Outfit stats:
* top – uniqlo, donkeys years ago * skirt – from a maternity bundle I got off gumtree when preggers with Milo * cardigan – maternity shop in Brussels * boots – merrel * coat – Asos maternity * hat – I made it * bag – scaramanga * necklace – got it in a swap back in the days when I used flickr as a social network. It’s handmade

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  • Sister 5 February 2015, 12:45 pm

    Ich mag die Farbkombi!

    • Franca 6 February 2015, 10:00 am

      Tanke! 🙂