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What I wore: Yellow and black

22 weeks
handmade maternity coat
22 weeks
handmade maternity coat
22 weeks
handmade maternity coat
22 weeks

I wore this cos dress all the time when I was pregnant with Milo and also after, but I keep skipping it over this time round. So this outfit was the result of conscious decision to actually wear it – if your usable wardrobe consists of just ten things, you probably don’t want to start ignoring things! And I do actually like the result!

The jeans in this are now sadly kaputt as well, there’s a giant rip on the inside of the thigh near the top. No idea how or when that happened but they’re not decent to wear unless it’s with a dress in top. So I am now down to one pair of trousers. Dave’s jeans always die in this way, but it’s never actually happened to me before, it’s most bizarre.

This is also the first time in ages I’ve worn my hair up. It badly needs a cut (happening on Saturday), so it seemed like a good idea, but I had no idea all those crazy wispy hairs at my temple were still quite as crazy and wispy. And I’m about to start the whole process of postpartum hair loss followed by painfully slow regrowth all over again. I probably won’t be back to normal for anothe five years or so at this rate. Anyway!

Final thing about this outfit is the coat, which is the lighter maternity coat I had last time. Dave made it and I love it and thought I would give wearing it a shot, since it was sunny. ‘Twas really too cold though, so I only wore it for the pictures then changed into the red duffle for actually doing things.

Outfit stats: dress – cos * cardie –
H&M * jeans – H&M * shoes – Clark’s * necklace – gift * bag – Cambridge satchels * coat – Dave made it *

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  • Veronica Darling 23 February 2015, 1:41 pm

    Hi! I don’t know if I’ve had the space/time to mention, but CONGRATULATIONS and you’re looking wonderful of course! I always like your day to day Outfit Posts! xo

  • Jessica 23 February 2015, 1:59 pm

    Very nice! The necklace is perfect.

    • Franca 11 March 2015, 9:56 pm

      Ta! I should wear it more often!

  • karen 23 February 2015, 2:29 pm

    crazy temple hairs! i have them. in abundance. and they’re mostly silvery-grey, which i like to think makes me look more intelligent. or more french. or both!
    dave’s coat looks brilliant – i love the neckline.

    • Franca 11 March 2015, 9:57 pm

      Thanks! I like your approach to grey hairs!

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