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A new print for the picobee

bird and lace
bird and bee

In my post on decorating kids rooms the other day I mentioned we were going to get some new art for the picobee’s temporary room. It just so happened Dave had found some prints on Society 6, and that was the catalyst for us looking properly at that site, I’d always known about it but never explored it properly! After much searching, mainly we settled on getting something from Teagan White. I really love the more adult animal designs, but obviously it I for a babies room (not that he will realy see it mind, but you know) and I do also think the animal characters (presumably aimed at kids?) are so cute. In the end we went for the first print shown here, which is somewhere between the two. I love that it looks a bit japanese, and the colours will go well with the permanent room (which has blue curtains), once we get round to figuring that out.

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