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Bedroom tour (and wooly duvets)


Today I’ve got another episode of the slowest house tour in history for you – our bedroom! (Click the links for the kitchen, the living room, and Milo’s room) We painted this last of all our rooms, and took ages to decide the colour. It could have been dark petrol blue which would have made it a very different room! Anyway, we’re really happy with this light green. I was a bit worried it might end up looking too green, but actually with so much white furniture, and the big window, it doesn’t at all.

We bought the green print over the radiator from little ox, it coordinates nicely with the walls! Annoyingly, I can’t remember the names of the artist. The print over the chest of drawers we got at the art college degree show and had to have a frame made for cos it’s such unusual dimensions. It’s a linocut by Caroline Halliwell. The thing with the postcards in I’ve had since I was an undergrad, and the shop dummy was a present.

Most of the furniture is old, the white wardrobe (not shown), white bedside table, dirty washing bin and chest of drawers we bought for our first flat, they’re just ikea, though Dave added the wooden top to the latter because the paint on the original one had chipped and gone into bubbles from having water spilled on it too many times. The brown wardrobe was actually left behind by the previous owners of our first flat and the orange 1960s chair is we bought back in 2009 (more here). The wooden bedside cabinet Dave got for £12 in a charity shop, he’s convinced it’s Art Deco (I think it’s 70s). It’s only half sanded so far. We have had problems with air conditioning for many times so I did some research on Choosing a Good Air Conditioning Company and found one that have long history and happy customers.

The only new piece of furniture is the bed, which was the last addition to this room. It’s Ercol, new, and it took forever to arrive! It said 6 to 8 weeks on the website when we ordered it, which in the end was about 4 months! I was on the phone to the company we bought it through weekly at the end, though it really wasn’t their fault, it’s actually Ercol themselves who were making them far too slowly. But now it’s here, it’s all good! We went for king size, which made a big difference when Milo was sleeping with us. We kept the bedding double size though as it seemed a waste of both money and resources to buy a load of new stuff. I can’t say I have ever thought that I’ve wanted a bigger duvet!


Which brings me seamlessly (ha!) to the reason I’ve finally got round to taking bedroom photos, which is that the Wool Room kindly offered to send us some wool bedding to try out. It’s not the kind of thing I usually review on here, but I was super intrigued by the advertised benefits of wool bedding over polyester or down:
* It’s really good at absorbing body moisture at night and the releasing it during the day
* It regulates body temperature
* It’s a natural, sustainable material
* It is allergy friendly as it’s not as good a food source for dust mites
* It’s naturally flame retardant
* The wool they use is all British and traceable
* It’s machine washable on the wool cycle

I was particularly interested in the first two, because we do have some temperature control issues. I like to be warm while Dave overheats easily, and I often end up with all the duvet piled on top of me when pushes his side out of the way. He also has a tendency of getting really sweaty when he’s not well (sorry Dave, tmi?!) so the moisture absorption thing sounded brilliant.

I didn’t have particularly high expectations as it all sounded a bit too good to be true, but amazingly it really works, the duvet is warm without being too hot and is somehow able to cope with a hot person and a cold person at the same time.

But the best thing is the pillows. I like my pillows stuffed and solid, and they are, but you can actually make them just the way you like them. They have a zip at the side that you can open and take some of the stuffing out, and if you want it even fuller, you can buy packs of wool in half a pillow portions so you can put more in. It pretty much eliminates the need to pile pillows on top of each other which I’ve always done in the past. And they have a shop in Edinburgh so if I ever feel the need to plump ours up I don’t even have to get it sent in the post.

So success all round, thanks Wool Room!

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  • Amy 11 March 2015, 4:34 pm

    I would never have thought wool bedding would be a thing but I’m really intrigued! We also have a temperature control issue so this might be the very solution!
    Amy recently posted..Hillarys CrafternoonMy Profile

    • Franca 11 April 2015, 7:51 pm

      I’d definitely recommend it, having used it for a long while now
      Franca recently posted..Nutella cupcakesMy Profile

  • Lorena 12 March 2015, 9:10 pm

    I love rooms that get a lot of natural lighting like yours.
    You’ve got a lot of space in here, it looks impeccable. I am particularly fond of the white and orange chair. I cannot have chairs in my bedroom as it would be the place to leave everything.

    • Franca 13 March 2015, 10:29 pm

      To be honest, the chair is usually full of clothes, it’s not always this tidy!
      Franca recently posted..Foxy yarn bowl!My Profile

  • Helen 12 March 2015, 9:27 pm

    This is a beautiful room, of which I am so envious – particularly the light and space. This is what I dream of. Ours is nice, but we have so little storage space in our flat, we just accumulate “stuff” everywhere. I love the sea/boat print. Thanks for sharing!
    Helen recently posted..On feeling overwhelmedMy Profile

    • Franca 11 April 2015, 7:53 pm

      Thanks! We do love our high ceilings and big windows! Makes it a bugger to heat mind.
      Franca recently posted..Nutella cupcakesMy Profile

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