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Project 52: 11/52


We are in Lisbon this week, this was taken on the day we went to Belem, about 5km away from the city. Milo was just so delighted to be out of the buggy after the Metro and train journeys and spent a good half hour running around the small park next to the train station. Note also how he’s wearing my bracelet like a captain’s armband.

He’s funny just now, sometimes he’s madly full of energy – it’s been taking ages to walk places, cos he wants to stop and jump off all the step in front of all the doorways – then two minutes later he just wants to sit in his buggy with his blankie draped over him. I actually wouldn’t mind at all having a moving chair follow me around that I can sit in whenever I fancy a bit of a rest!

The photo was massively overexposed (this is as far as I’ve dared darken it), but I liked it so much I’ve decided to pick this as the weekly picture anyway.

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2015

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