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What I wore: blue and wavey

23 weeks
23 weeks
23 weeks

Another 23 week one. The tunic I don’t think I’ve blogged yet. We bought it on impulse in the supermarket when we first found out I was pregnant, thinking it would make a good non-maternity pregnancy thing. It wasn’t the best purchase though, it’s too short to wear on it’s own, and the colour is kind of too simlar to denim to wear with jeans (not a fan of double denim).

Also, ethics. I don’t generally buy into the ‘the cheaper, the less ethical’ thing, stuff from more expensive brands is made in the same factories, and unless the company explicitly talks about its labour standards, or it’s made in a country that has good regulation and enforcement, you can pretty much assume there aren’t any. However. The fabric that this tunic is made of had that chemical new clothes smell you sometimes get and it took three washes to get rid of it. If it hangs around for that long, it can’t be good for the workers who have to deal with the unwashed fabric. So in this case I do think that supermarket clothes are bad.

So yeah, I don’t feel too good about this purchase, but the damage is done so I’m trying to at least wear it a lot. Mostly I’ve worn it with just leggings for home slouching, but there is no way I’m showing you that. For out of the house wear the only thing I can sensibly think to pair it with is this short skirt, though actually looking at the pictures now, I maybe don’t even have the legs any more.

Just in case you’re wondering whats up with all the waving, Milo kept running past with his little lawnmower toy going hi! bye! so I waved back at him. Then he wanted to be in the picture and i was trying to get him to wave at the tripod. He usually waved after the shutter went though.

Outfit stats: tunic – TU * maternity skirt – off gumtree * shoes – office * brooch gift *

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  • Bad Taste Toast 9 March 2015, 12:32 pm

    Ich mag das Himmelblau! Die Tunika sieht eigentlich ganz schön aus, aber so wie du sie beschreibst kann ich verstehen dass sie etwas schwierig zu tragen ist.
    Der rote Mantel ist auch superhübsch, den könnte ich dir so aus dem Schrank klauen! 😉
    Haha ooh und Milo ist einfach soo süß! Ich bin mal gespannt auf sein Geschwisterchen! 🙂
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  • Jessica 9 March 2015, 1:07 pm

    I think you look great in the short skirt! But of course if you don’t feel comfortable that’s most important; just the way you put it I thought maybe you felt that it might be others’ opinion that would be negative. But also maybe bear in mind that very pale tights are more revealing and also darker does seem to make legs appear slimmer. So you might feel more comfortable with other tights, it might be worth trying if this is otherwise an outfit that works for you at the moment. But I must reiterate that I personally think you look great as is!

    • Franca 11 April 2015, 7:57 pm

      Nah, it’s not so much about what others think, at least I’m not worried about people thinking it unflattering, but I do worry about flashing and I dislike leggings with tops even on thin people, so I’m not going to wear that myself in public!
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