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What I wore: all the blues

29 weeks
29 weeks
29 weeks

So, apparently I have created a little blogger child! I was going to quickly nip into the garden and take some photos, but as soon as Milo saw the tripod he wanted to come with. To be fair to him though, he’s more interested in the process of the self timer, and running towards the camera once it’s clicked. He couldn’t care less (aka he could care less in US English – so confusing! It makes no sense) about the actual results.

Anyway, I am aware this is the most boring outfit ever, but I thought it would be good to take a break from all the jersey dresses. So this is the other thing I’m wearing at the moment: maternity jeans (this is the other pair I go off gumtree) a tshirt top and some form of cardigan. Also, the top and cardie are new things. I started feeling weirdly shopaholic recently, after months of having basically no interest in new stuff. I remember this happened last time as well, there comes a point when you’re just so sick of being huge and uncomfortable that you start fantasising about how you can transform yourself. Last time I remember researching wigs in much detail, this time I’m focusing on a wedding for which there’s a good chance I won’t actually be able to go to (it’s two weeks after my due date).

Anyway, I managed to stop myself from making any ridiculous purchases and went for something sensible and useful: single colour basics. Lots of my long sleeved tshirts are nearing the end of their life after such a long time of not buying any new ones, and I’ll be having a big clear out when I go on mat leave. The new clothes are from Earth Kind Originals, an ethical clothing company I’ve been meaning to support for a while. The top is made from Tencel, a semi-synthetic fibre made from eucalyptus fibres. It’s really soft and light, but it does feel quite slippery, and from the feel of it I prefer bamboo jersey, so I’m reserving judgement until I’ve worn it a few more times. No such qualms about the cardie though, which is ornagic cotton brushed fleece, which looks like jersey on the outside but is super soft and fluffy on the inside. The cardie can button closed in a wrap stye as well, although for that I’ll have to wait until the bump is gone.

29 weeks pregnant and counting down the weeks til the end now!

Outfit stats:
* cardigan – EKO * top – EKO * trousers – off gumtree * shoes – clarks * necklace – gift from an etsy seller I featured in a giveaway years ago *

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