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Handmade bunting for the picobee

Handmade bunting
Handmade bunting
Handmade bunting

I’ve finally got round to finishing a bit of crafting! I am knitting a blanket for the picobee which is taking forever and I’m thoroughly sick of it. I probably won’t finish it until I’m actually on mat leave. Anyway, I took a little break to make this bunting. The point was initially to use up the red flowery fabric I’ve got left over from my colette violet, but then I didn’t really have anything that matched it, so I put a call out on Instagram for any matching scraps and I ended up with loads! Thank you to Amy, Louisa, Sadie and Veronica!

All the bunting triangles

So anyway, I ended up making a giant stack of triangles most of which I haven’t used yet. The photo below shows most but not even all of them, and I’ve got tons of red fabric left in case it all gets a bit too blue. The length of the bunting in the photos was determined by the length of the bias binding which I had kicking about and doesn’t even include all the different fabrics I’ve got.

It’s a pretty good length though, not only for the fireplace (although it really annoys me there’s an uneven number of triangles) but also for putting around he picobee’s crib, which was the original plan. I’ll make another couple of lengths as presents.

I think I should have enough triangles left over to make one to give away here as a sort of pay it forward thing for all the lovely fabric I got. I hope this is something people would actually be interested in? If not I’m sure I’ll find a way to dispose of it!

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  • Jessica 8 May 2015, 6:12 pm

    So nice! The green owls are my favourite! I know what you mean about the uneven number of triangles; would it not work to have the central one centred on the mantel rather than a gap centred? I ‘spose then the top line of the ribbon would be slightly less pleasing, but overall it might please your eye more?

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