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I have nothing


It is 9pm on Thursday as I write this. I should be posting about something style-ey, or crafty, or photographey, but there’s been a general election today and it’s all I can think about, so really it’s either writing about this or nothing.

I actually wrote a big long thing about how I felt throughout the election campaign, but it’s difficult to do without revealing my political positions (which I’m not supposed to cos civil servant), and I’ve deleted it all. So essentially, I’ve tried to disengage over the last week and a half from the campaign news as it was all getting a bit much, but now I am incredibly nervous. I am feeling a mix of hope and dread, but mostly dread.

I am going to bed at 10pm without looking at the exit polls, and tomorrow it will all be done. And fluffy lifestyle-based programming will be back next week.

photo from the LIFE magazine archives

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  • Maria 9 May 2015, 12:01 pm

    I also went to bed without looking at the exit polls! I wasn’t happy when I woke up on Friday (sorry, I know you said you can’t discuss it). I would have preferred another coalition – more balanced in my view (but then I grew up in a country where coalition governments are more normal, rather than being super exceptional).

    I like the photo 🙂