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What I wore: Red and black at 35 weeks

35 weeks
35 weeks
35 weeks
35 weeks

Another one of the gumtree bundle maternity dresses I don’t think I’ve shown yet? This is probably my least favourite one, the waistband is a bit strange and as a result the shape isn’t the nicest, but at 35 weeks there isn’t really much to be done.

Outfit stats:
* dress – off gumtree * cardies – H&M * necklace – from a swap * sandals – saltwater *

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  • knitlass 28 May 2015, 1:49 pm

    Yikes! Not long to go now 😉 Hope you are excited!
    That dress looks great on your bump – some things work with a big tummy don’t they?! I always found the things I enjoyed wearing when I was pregnant just looked a bit rubbish when I didn’t have a lovely bump underneath!

    Nice post about the Hidden Doors Festival the other day. Do you know about the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling? It’s on in a couple of weeks, and there is a great bike family event at Sciennes Primary School on Saturday 13th (10-12) with (free) cake and coffee, and folks with cargobikes and trailers and tag-alongs and all sorts for people to try or ask about. There will be some craft-y fun so kids can decorate their bikes and scooters (I made some nice hi-vis bunting for our bike seat last year). Thought you (or your boys) might be interested…
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    • Franca 6 June 2015, 8:40 pm

      I actually just looked at the programme for that today, it looks great, but we’re not at that stage yet, Milo can’t cycle yet and we didn’t bother getting a baby bike seat as the nursery is so close, we tend to just push the bikes there and then cycle from there. Plus we take turns at doing the drop offs and pick ups and are too stingy for two bike seats! But we’ll get Milo a balance bike soon and then hopefully a proper one! At the moment we’re just commuting cyclists (or I was until I had to stop because of all the pregnancy pain) but I’m hoping we’ll be able to go out on family rides at some point.

  • Sabrina 28 May 2015, 2:56 pm

    Adorable outfit! I love the red and black color combo, plus the cherry print blossom on that dress is divine!

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  • Jessica 28 May 2015, 5:39 pm

    Oh, the dress is lovely! Both the colour and the print are really pretty. I appreciate the fact that the length of the front really factors in the belly so that it is not short in the front and long in the back, too. Once I read what your wrote I could maybe spot the waist seaming that you feel spoils the dress, but really with such a lovely bump, plus colour and print, I’m quite sure no one notices! You look fantastic. And that first pic where Milo is inclining his head towards you is so cute!
    You know, you wrote something on Instagram about talking to Milo about the baby in advance and you sounded a little unsure… If you don’t mind a little very well-meaning advice, I would share that when I was expecting subsequent kids (we have four), I spoke much more to the about-to-no-longer-be-youngest about their own future role. So I would focus on the fact that Milo will be a big brother (new role! Just as new a personality to have in your future household as is the wee one), about how he will get to help you, what he will be able to do with/for the new baby and with & for Mummy & Daddy. The pros of being the oldest, things that he might have to put up with but with much emphasis on how he is the big one so he can understand & manage more than the baby… All Milo this and Milo that, rather than the baby this and the baby that, trying to frame as much as possible in positive terms. And also pointing out that the baby is his little one, too. I hope you don’t mind me sticking my nose in, just wanted to share what seemed to prove itself for us. All the best!

    • Jessica 28 May 2015, 5:50 pm

      Sorry to extend but for some reason I couldn’t see what I had written before posting, so a little clarification: by framing in positive terms I meant saying more “this is what you can do” rather than “this is what you can’t do”, I didn’t mean pretending that even things that Milo might not like were good. On the contrary, you might also talk about how it will be annoying, for example, that sometimes mummy might not be free to… because baby will be feeding, but on the other hand…

      • Franca 6 June 2015, 8:34 pm

        It was actually less about Milo being anti-baby or anything, and more about him actually not understanding that there is going to be a baby! I think he does now (as far as you can I guess) though I think.

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