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Kristina Karnilaviciute Illustration


On Sunday, we went to the art college degree show. Like every year, we were open to the possibility of buying something from the illustration bit. We didn’t this year, but if we had bought something it would have been the print in the first picture above (we didn’t cos it was too expensive for how much we liked it, small print run = high price*). Anyway, I do really like these dreamy etchings so I thought I’s share them today. They’re all part of a project called Collective Journey in which people made up a story together via social media based on prompt words.

You can find Kristina’s website here and facebook page here.

* I’m not complaining about this at all, btw. Artists, like all workers, should price their products/services in relation to the work that goes into them. But that doesn’t stop me from also making a decision as a shopper whether I’m willing to spend for that thing (I talk about this in relation to craft a bit here).

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