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What I wore: dots

36 weeks
36 weeks
36 weeks
36 weeks

Thank you so much everyone for your kind messages and comments on Monday’ post. I was really unsure whether to post that or not, I’d actually had it sitting in draft for about two weeks, but I’m glad I did. I’ve finished work now, and Dave’s mum is arriving to help us out tomorrow night, so hopefully I’ll get plenty of rest and start feeling a bit better before the picobee arrives. Also should have more time for catching up, I promise I will get back to everyone individually! But for now, thank you!

Anyway, these photos are a perfect example of how pictures can be deceiving. They were taken on Saturday when the fluey joint pain was at its worst. I’d spent most of the morning in bed. We were invited to a first birthday in the afternoon and as I’d started feeling a bit better by midday, I got up and dressed for that and took Milo into the garden. We were out there for maybe half an hour, and apart from the photo taking, my job mainly involved sitting and shouting ready steady go! But then we went inside for lunch and I realised that I still felt rotten and decided to cancel the birthday and get back into my joggy bottoms and bed. So yeah, I look pretty healthy in the photos (the green tint from all the surroundings notwithstanding) but that was for about an hour during that day!

36 weeks pregnant here

Outfit stats: dress – from a gumtree bundle * brooch – gift * sandals – saltwater * jacket – Dave made it *

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  • Jessica 5 June 2015, 6:16 pm

    You do look lovely, but well done for deciding you had to go back to bed! It can be hard to change plans but sometimes you need to do it anyway.

    • Franca 6 June 2015, 7:40 pm

      Oh I’ve cancelled TONS of stuff in the last month. Am a total hermit these days!