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New baby clothes (and some thoughts on pink for boys)

Donna Wilson baby outfit

Donna Wilson baby outfit

We got given some John Lewis vouchers from our colleagues for Ellis’ birth and we used some for these two cute Donna Wilson outfits for him. The sun is 3-6 months, the moon 6-9 months. Obviously the sun one is pinkish (and is described as pink on the website) but to JL’s credit it is not listed in the girls section so we saw it.

This reminded me of a discussion I was involved in recently on the Sarah and Duck Facebook page. Which was actually a great discussion and for once did not deteriorate into talking cross purposes and shouting over each other as online things between strangers usually do! Sarah and duck fans are obviously just very civilised people 😉 Anyway, the background is that the Sarah and Duck people have started producing some clothing, but it’s just for girls*. Pink, slim fit with bows and puff sleeves. Now lots and lots of people were asking why no boys clothes, and made the point that just because the protagonist is a girl doesn’t mean S&D is or should be a show watched mainly by girls, which the fact that they made only girls clothes suggested.

Some other people then commented along the lines of ‘boys can wear pink you know, these are just kids clothes’ to which I made the point that obviously anyone *could* wear these clothes but we do live in a world where pink and bows and slim fit and puff sleeves say ‘girl’ so it really isn’t as easy as just putting their boys in these clothes. I mean Milo likes pink, and has some clothes with pink in, but I would never put him in those clothes with *all* those markers, because he does have to live in the society where that would be noticed, and not in a good way.

Anyway, to bring it back to the clothes we actually bought for Ellis, yay for Donna Wilson/John Lewis for introducing pink in unisex clothes and not labelling the pink thing as for girls! And here’s a picture of him in the smaller one – still a bit big (I took the picture just to show our colleagues), but you get the idea!

Donna Wilson outfit

* there was also a white normal tshirt but it wasn’t very nice and anyway was also listed under girls clothes on Amazon. The S&D people did say they were looking into changing the category but had obviously not thought of that before.

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  • Kathryn 4 August 2015, 6:55 pm

    I love the Donna Wilson baby clothes! These ones are very cute. Annoyingly in the Oxford street john Lewis the Donna wilson stuff is only in the girls section. I dress my boy in all the colours, quite deliberately including pink as I see no reason why pink is for girls & blue for boys. From what I’ve seen the gender differences in clothing get worse as they get older – for example I think it was M&S that recently got a lot of flack for putting their Natural History Museum collection of kids tshirts only in the boys section online & in store. The girls got kittens and bows instead of course- arrgh!

    • Franca 5 August 2015, 8:26 am

      That’s weird! I just bought it from the website this time, but we’ve got DW stuff from the Edinburgh John Lewis before and it was set up on a special table between the girls and boys bits (which are both pretty small and not really that defined as areas). I think at least half of the DW stuff would be appropriate for both boys and girls!

  • Helen 4 August 2015, 9:08 pm

    There’s a Sarah & Duck FB page?

    I agree, pink is fine on a boy, but the other “girly” design features would be a step too far. E’s favourite colour is pink, and has steadfastly remained so for a couple of years. We have a pink potty and pink sippy cup as a result, but he hasn’t really wanted to wear much of the colour. He wants a pink gym bag for school, but I’m reluctant, only because I think he will get teased and then will come home demanding a different one a week later.

    We have the same issue with Frozen stuff. Unless it has Olaf on it, it is aimed at girls. E loves Anna, as well as Sarah & Duck.
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    • Franca 5 August 2015, 8:30 am

      Yup, they post stuff fairly regularly, and to their credit, they did seem to be taking people’s comments on the clothes seriously.

      It’s a difficult balance isnt it, letting kids do what they want but also being aware of how others will react.

  • knitlass 5 August 2015, 10:49 am

    I sympathise! I have two sons and one daughter, and they have all been mistakenly labelled with the wrong gender because of something they were wearing.

    My youngest son is 2, and sometimes likes having a clip in his hair, like his big sister. If he ever has a clip in his hair = and despite the predominantly blue/boy style clothes, then it doesn’t matter what he is wearing, everyone thinks he is a girl! And then there was the time I took my new baby girl out in the pushchair – she was wearing something pink and frilly (a gift) but had a blue blanket. What a lovely baby boy, someone said – er, it’s a girl, I said. The person was upset – ‘but you have a blue blanket’!

    I try to be pretty relaxed about what they wear and all of them started to express strong feelings about clothes once they were 18m+. The pink girls stuff is really overwhelming, and although my daughter would say pink is her favourite colour, actually she usually wears other colours (today black leggings with rainbow hearts, and a white t-shirt with red/blue). I have exercised some influence here by making sure she has lots of colours in her wardrobe, and deliberating trying to reduce the ratio of pink stuff. She is very keen on hand me downs, and will often bagsy some of her older brother’s too small things for her own use. So, dinosaur socks and pyjamas feature in her wardrobe too, as well as the boys. The little one has yet to snag any of his sisters things for his own use, but I’d be happy if he does…
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