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Art for refugee relief

charity print
charity print

I bought this monotype print by Sarah Russell the other day from Creative Collective for Refugee Relief. It’s a Facebook group that matches up artists with buyers and 100% of everything goes to charities working with the refugees fleeing Syria and elsewhere (specifically, Syria Relief and Calais Refugee Support). I hadn’t donated anything yet so I’m glad this came along. All the art is donated and sent by the individual artists, the organisers of the Facebook group just bring everyone together. Everything is priced to sell quickly, there’s a cap of £100, with plenty in the £30 region too (our print was £60). There’s so much amazing stuff in there, but it does go quickly. The group organisers are doing an amazing job of keeping on top of everything, and are so quick to reply, like two minutes quick. I really recommend having a look if you are on Facebook.

P.s. It’s UK based and prices are in £ but it’s possible to buy worldwide. A few people specified they were only sending within the UK (the artists pay the postage) but the majority didn’t. Payment is via PayPal.

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  • Mother of Reinvention 14 September 2015, 7:58 pm

    What a great idea and a beautiful print. The colours are fabulous. Xx