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New specs! And some ramblings on outfit posts

autumnal shades
New specs
autumnal shades
autumnal shades
New specs

So, an outfit post! These used to be the mainstay of this blog, but I haven’t really felt like doing them any more for some reason. Most of my clothes don’t fit me any more (yet, hopefully?), that skirt is actually the only normal skirt that fits and it’s sitting about 10cm higher than it did before. I’m also into dressing in much more simple/boring/basic ways. Sometimes when these old outfit posts come up underneath the posts there are just SO many accessories! Now most days I just put in some small stud earrings and that’s it. I don’t know if it’s me being older or the fashion just being for more minimalist things, who knows, but that’s what’s happening with me.

However, the reason I took pictures! New glasses! These are the one accessory I am still really into. I can’t wear contact lenses any more (or just for such a short amount of time that it barely seems worth it), but honestly I really think I prefer me with glasses! They frame the eyes in a way that somehow seems to negate the need for eye make up, or at least I like to think so. And make up is another thing I don’t usually bother with these days. I’ve got eight pairs now and I enjoy switching them round. This pair was sent to me by firmoo, who I’ve got a few pairs from already. I know some people are reluctant to buy glasses online, but not me. I know that big acetate frames suit me, and I’ve got a good idea of what they’ll look like on. So why pay high street opticians lots of of money when you can get them for a fraction of the price online using your loans? These would have been about $50 including postage, which is what, about £35? There are options for extra thin glass and anti reflection and all that stuff too, but these are the basic ones and they’re fine even for a semi blind person like me (-5 and -3.5 prescription). You can find many companies to help you financially like Payday Now Consolidate here. You can look at firmoo’s new arrivals here, and they also offer 15% off for new customers.

Anyway, I chose some tortoiseshell frames this time. I almost went for some half green half orangey brown ones, but Dave’s reaction was so scathing that I reconsidered. And they’re nice aren’t they? Whenever I’ve chosen frames before, a tortoiseshell pair has made it into the final selection but then got pipped to the post by something else, so it’s nice to finally get one!

In others news, this is the first time I’ve managed to take portrait pictures with the self timer without them getting blurry, which I’ve never managed before. I think I was just lucky, I just turned the manual focus wheel and hoped for the best, and the one without the jacket is actually ever so slightly out of focus when you zoom the picture to 100%, but close enough for me!

Outfit stats: (do we care?): skirt – Eley Kishimoto via local second hand shop * coat – gap via charity shop * leggings – braintree * shoes – office * super nice vintage tooled leather bag which you can’t even see – swap * nacklace – my mum’s *

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  • Jessica 16 September 2015, 4:18 pm

    I still like outfit posts!
    I love your skirt, and really feel you on the 10cms higher fitting after kids! But Ellis is still pretty small, I’d guess you haven’t finished changing shape yet. I’m hoping that I will find it easier to loose a little weight once my littlest weans… Largely because there are so many things I want to wear again! (And also because I find being heavier feels heavy & tiring).

    • Franca 18 September 2015, 7:08 pm

      I enjoy them too, although I’ve stopped following a lo of fashion blogs around the time they all became monetised full of affiliate links. I like personal life blos that have some outfits in though.

      And yeah, hopefully I will be able to lose at least some of the additional cms, it would be so sad to have to let go all my vintage dresses!

  • Helen 17 September 2015, 11:46 am

    Your glasses look great. I just got new specs (2 pairs) and have to admit I did pay the optician’s prices, although they had a half price sale. I love acetate frames too, but I always need the end of the arms (legs? – Paul and I have an ongoing debate about what they are called) altered quite substantially. I think my ears must sit quite far forward. One of my new pairs actually gave me a headache and I had to go back and get them fixed. And this is the reason why I feel I can’t buy online. How do you get that after sales care that is specific to your head?!

    re the accessories, I feel that I already carry so much crap around with me these days (nappies, wipes, spare pants for E, drinks, snacks) that accessories would just weigh me down. Plus F will try to eat them.
    Helen recently posted..Completed: Made Up InitiativeMy Profile

    • Franca 18 September 2015, 7:51 pm

      I’ve always got them adjusted for free in high street opticians, but then maybe my fitting issues weren’t as big as your. I just needed them tightened, I had one that was too loose when it arrived, and a couple that ended up looser over time (though one of those was actually one bought in a shop). They always warn you they might break the glasses since they’re not theirs, but it’s always been fine.

  • Sandra 17 September 2015, 5:22 pm

    That is a cute skirt and I like the boots with it too. I can identify with the lack of outfit posts and looking back askance at the abundance of accessories, plus also dressing more simply, etc. I think a little of it is maturity and being more sure of one self and finally finding a personal style and sticking with it. I noticed Tricia of bitsandbobbins & w_r mentioned the other day about how she used to wear a bunch of bright clothing but now she wears black & grey and happily uses colors in her quilt work. I think we all just change focus and priority as we age. I still like to see people post outfits though, especially ones I have followed for several years. For me I dress more simply / comfortably with occasional stints into “outfits” but it is just too much hassle to try to set up my phone on a tripod as I don’t use my separate digital camera any more plus both it and tripod have been regulated to use by the boys for Lego stop animation movies. Maybe it is just a phase and eventually we’ll all be making stunning appearances as stylish elderly ladies on Advanced Style type blogs as everything comes full circle again. 🙂

    • Franca 18 September 2015, 7:55 pm

      Haha, wardroberemix reunion on AS, I like the thought of that! I did see that Tricia put that up and it kind of surprised me, her interiors still seem the same style as back in the day and obviously the quilts are super saturated.. It’s a shame she doesn’t post more! Maybe I’ll get back into outfits if I can get a bit better/speedier at sewing!

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