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Purl bee chevron baby blanket

Purl bee chevron blanket
Purl bee chevron blanket
Purl bee chevron blanket

Hurrah, I’m finally showing you Ellis’ blanket, which I started knitting ages and ages and ages ago, like first trimester pregnant. I finished it about a month ago, and it’s taken me that long to take pictures! The yarn is Schachenmayr Baby Wool, which I got given as a leaving present when I was in Brussels and pregnant with Milo. I had planned to make a blanket from squares but only managed 8 or so before the birth and then stashed the whole thing away. When I was pregnant again I just decided to start again from scratch. It took me absolute ages to make cos that yarn is thin (4 ply)! Never again am I knitting something as big on needles that small!

The pattern is the purl bee chevron baby blanket, plus a garter stitch border at the long side. The dimensions weren’t entirely what I had intended actually. After I’d done one colour row I realised that with the yarn I had been given I wouldn’t be enough for a square with the number of stitches I’d cast on, so I got more when we were at my parents – that yarn is not available in shops in the UK. I did measure it and according to that, one extra colour would have made it square, and two extra just slightly rectangular. However, something went wrong. Whether I can’t measure, or can’t multiply or whether the rows just behave differently in the middle of the blanket than at the start I will never know. But it ended up just getting super long. Once I realised this was happening I decided to ditch one of the light green repeats (the light green is too similar to the dark green anyway, God knows what I was thinking!), and use the yarn for some side stripes instead. Which made it ever so slightly wider but also looks really nice and tidy. The whole thing still ended up looking more like a shawl, but with some fairly aggressive blocking I did at least manage to stretch it width ways to a width length ratio I can live with.

Oh and the whole length situation wasn’t helped by me somehow losing half a chevron (what *is* a chevron actually? Is is one kink/arrow shape? That’s what I mean, I ended up with the pointy bits not being as staggered out as they are supposed to), so it ended up being even narrower. This I unfortunately couldn’t fix with blocking, it is definitely narrower at one end, although I don’t think it’s noticeable unless it’s laid out flat, and that isn’t really how we’ve been using it, as the blanket from my craft group is sturdier and better for chucking on the ground. This ones more a buggy blankie and I hope it’ll be the one he chooses to get attached to and carry round (assuming he will do this with a blanket, just cos Milo did doesn’t mean that Ellis will I guess).

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