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16/27 and 39/52


I know this is not the best photo in the world but I really wanted to show Ellis’ new skill which is sucking his thumb! I’ve had some success in getting him to settle himself for this morning nap because of it (the afternoons are a different story, mainly because he always falls asleep when in the buggy or sling and it’s difficult to then put him down in his bed as well. I honestly don’t know how people do a strict nap routine unless they never leave the house). I don’t really know how I feel about the thumb sucking. He doesn’t take a dummy which in a way is great, but then you can’t chuck a thumb in the sea, so there’s not really much you can do if he wants to keep sucking it when he’s two. Then again, it’s not possible to keep a thumb in constantly the way Milo dos with his dummy, so hopefully it won’t come to that. For now, I’m enjoying the self settling!


We’ve been having fun chucking leaves into the air on the way home from nursery. We’ve been watching the Walking Dead and Dave says Milo looks like a zombie here. A very cheery zombie!

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015

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  • Lisa Yowell 6 October 2015, 12:06 am

    I am traveling to Scotland in a few weeks and would like to purchase a kilt. I just want to frame it and hang it on the wall so I was hoping to buy it at a charity shop while visiting Edinburgh and wondered if you could give me some suggestions. Were traveling from Colorado and I’m so excited to see your city.

    • Franca 6 October 2015, 8:14 am

      I’m not really so up to speed with charity shops any more, but I’m pretty sure the Armstrongs vintage shops in the Grassmarket and on Clerk Street have a kilt section. You could also try just going into random charity shops on the offchance, although I don’t think it’s a very commonly donated item. Here’s my post on charity and vintage shops from a few years ago: http://www.oranges-and-apples.com/2011/05/guide-to-edinburgh-vintage-and-charity.html

      Good luck and enjoy your trip!

  • Jessica 7 October 2015, 10:16 am

    Oh, the thumb picture is lovely!
    I know what you mean about naps! After the first kid, it’s pretty much impossible to stick to a firm schedule. Often the weens are pretty good at learning to sleep in varying situations, though. It’s like how one keeps everything silent when the first is a newborn and asleep, but little siblings have to learn to sleep even if there’s some noise. Can you not wheel the buggy in if he’s asleep in there? Or through to the garden? Can’t really blame him for waking up coming out of the closeness of the sling, though, I suppose!

    • Franca 7 October 2015, 4:51 pm

      I meant more how can I stop him falling asleep when he’s not supposed to when we go out, it messes up the order of nap and awake time for the rest of the day! But it’s not a big issue, we kept no schedule whatsoever with Milo because we were a lot more relaxed about letting him stay up late back then (now I want to make sure everyone is asleep no later than 8 so we get some adult time) and everyone lived.

  • Rhianne 8 October 2015, 8:27 am

    Oh you’ve updated your layout – I love it – especially the illustration!

    I can’t get over how adorable Ellis is and how grown up Milo looks now 🙂
    Rhianne recently posted..Wedding AftermathMy Profile

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