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Onyx shirt number 4

sleeveless paprika patterns onyx shirt
sleeveless paprika patterns onyx shirt
sleeveless paprika patterns onyx ahirt
sleeveless paprika patterns onyx shirt
sleeveless paprika patterns onyx shirt

Another onyx! This version is sleeveless and fabric acquired at a swap from Kerry. I’d made a Sorbetto to from it already and just had a tiny little bit left that really wasn’t enough for anything other than a sleeveless top, and I wanted to try out the bias binding the armholes. I probably won’t be wearing this on its own any time soon as I’m feeling super self conscious about my arms (there was a sideways picture too but I’m too vain to show you), but then I’ve almost always got a cardigan or a long sleeves tee on anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. I’m actually considering wearing this for a job interview I’ve got coming up, as long as I keep my suit jacket on it should be fine and it’ll save me buying a shirt.

I’ve started sewing something else now, so although I do plan to make another onyx, at least it won’t be an uninterrupted run of five onyxes! Not that I’m sure anyone would mind really but I’ve been reading Gomi Craft a bit recently and some people are so judgy about variety and what is and isn’t blog worthy. Then again they all seem to hate sewing bloggers (which I know I’m not anyway) talking about anything other than sewing so wouldn’t be reading this blog anyway. At least I’ve got goodish pictures, eh?

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  • Naomi 14 October 2015, 8:06 pm

    Liebe Franca,
    ich bin ganz ehrlich total begeistert von dieser Version. Diese gedeckten Farben gefallen mir sehr – und dann fügst du dich damit auch noch so perfekt in die Umgebung ein. 🙂
    Ich nähe auch gerade die dritte Wiksten Tova hintereinander, was zum Teil ganz einfach daran liegt, dass ich momentan irgendwie zu faul bin, ein neues Schnittmuster zusammenzukleben oder abzupausen und dann mit möglichen Änderungen und Anpassungen wieder ganz von vorne anfangen zu müssen. Vom hinterher fotografieren und bloggen mal gar nicht zu sprechen…
    Liebe Grüße, Naomi
    Naomi recently posted..Auf meinem Teller: Gebackene Süßkartoffeln mit frischen Feigen und ZiegenfrischkäseMy Profile

  • lorena 15 October 2015, 5:48 pm

    Nicely done Franca . I have not sat down in front of a sewing machine for about a year …. yet I have so many things I’d like to sew!

  • Mother of Reinvention 16 October 2015, 7:16 am

    I love this top. I don’t care if you made an Onyx every day, it is nice to see what people are sewing. I think that this is a very versatile pattern and it looks very smart. Xx
    Mother of Reinvention recently posted..Postcards from the EdgeMy Profile

  • Kerry 16 October 2015, 2:13 pm

    Great work getting 2 tops out of the fabric! I’ve also got the heart print poly fabric to give you when we meet up plus I have some more for the swap
    Kerry recently posted..Talking about Sewing on the RadioMy Profile

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