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Showing off my baby in my active wear

Braintree leggings
Braintree leggings
Braintree leggings
Braintree leggings

So, since only just the other day I said I was saying how I was over outfit posts, obviously the logical thing is to do one! The reason is that 1. I bought some leggings because 2. this is kind of my uniform at the moment, leggings and that skater skirt. It’s because I’ve started going to yoga classes again, and that way I can just take off the skirt and long sleeved top and I’m ready to go without needing to get changed.

The leggings are by Braintree, and are bamboo, which I love for its anti smell properties. They are a size 14, which wasn’t entirely/at all necessary but for some reason they have no 12s in stock in any colour that I like. Which is sort of random, if they’re sold out wouldn’t it make sense to make more (or just make more 12s in the first place)? Anyway, what do I know about clothing retail.

The top is also bamboo, I made it, it’s the so zo dolores in the tunic length and I think I blogged it when I was already pregnant. So here it is without bump!

The shoes are also new, I am so delighted the nineties skater styles are back in fashion because I was there last time round. I actually meant to get some Supergas cos this was back in the summer and I do like the look of them and their comparatively sturdy soles, but they have the weirdest sizing/my feet are a weird shape. I thought I’d just gone up a size since being pregnant but actually they managed to be too big and too small at the same time, loads of space but my big toes always rubbed against the shoe, even in a size 7 (I was a 5.5/6 before, and these Pumas are a 6). So I admitted defeat and went with the suede Pumas which was probably better anyway, Scottish weather and all that.

Right, enough rambling about shoes! You’d think this was a fashion blog!

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  • Jessica 22 October 2015, 4:52 am

    I do like your leggings, & the 90s-ish outfit in general. But just look at that gorgeous baby!

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