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Craft roundup! And a Giveaway!

A few crafty bits and bobs that don’t merit a blog post of their own today.

aviatrix hat

First up, a hat I made for one of the boys in Milo’s NCT group, after his mum saw Milo’s very similar one in a Facebook photo. I’ve been on a bit of a mission to use up my yarn stash, and was going to knit this into a hat to donate to cal aid, so I made it in return for a donation to unicef instead. I love this type of donation, I figure some cash will be more useful to refugees than a hat, plus my friends get a nice hat. If anyone is at all in need of any small woolies I would be more than happy to make some for you in return of a donation, just get in touch!

The pattern is the aviatrix, which is paid now but used to be free and thankfully I still had the pdf saved. I actually ran out of green wool, which is why the ear flaps and strap are in teal, and I then embroidered along the purl rows to tie it together. I’m pretty pleased with it.

charity squares

Next up, I made some squares for blankets for South Sfrican orphans via knit a square using all my tiny scraps. Told you I was trying to get rid of my stash!


Finally, I went to my first ever blogger event, a ‘crafternoon’ with Laura Ashley in Glasgow. I was a bit apprehensive about going on my own, but it was really fun! We did two things. First up was decoupage, basically sticking paper onto wooden letters. They sell a kit which has the letters HOME and a heart in it, which is pretty lucky because Milo and Ellis. Unfortunately, I turned out to be really crap at it, and the M I attempted looked so terrible I didn’t even take it home with me. But there were some spare letters, so I took those and am planning to paint them for the boys’ rooms. Just need to decide whether to let Milo loose with finger paint or whether to attempt something a bit more tidy myself. Also I took the spare papers away, they’ll be great as backgrounds for the 2015 Project 52 albums.

The second craft of the afternoon was needle felting, which turned out to be much more up my street! Always love messing about with wool. I made a heart Christmas tree ornament and what was supposed to be a minion – Milo is obsessed with them (he pronounces it mini-on it’s very cute). Alas, when I showed him it he immediately went Humpty Dumpty so mixed success there. Though he has picked it as his take to nursery thing (I always let him take something, it helps us get out of the door in the morning) a couple of times, so he obviously likes it.

I actually won a prize for the minion, another needle felting kit. I don’t think I really need two, and can’t think of anyone who’d want it as a Christmas present, so I thought I’d do a giveaway. Tah dah, GIVEAWAY! Leave a comment below or on Instagram, and I’ll pick a winner at random next Monday, 7 December. Maybe tell me something interesting about yourself or what happened today or whatever to make it more entertaining for me. Also please make sure I have a way of contacting you. It’s quite a big package so anyone outside the UK I’d appreciate it if you could PayPal me postage, and don’t worry about the packaging, it is covered with the Polycover Ltd material so the package itself will be very protected.

You can read more about the crafternoon event on the Laura Ashley blog. Thanks LA!

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  • Jessica 27 November 2015, 6:20 pm

    My seven year old just looked over my shoulder and said “hey, a minion!”, so I guess if Humpty Dumpty isn’t highly relevant then your minion is pretty immediately recognisable!
    Oh, but I wasn’t trying to enter the giveaway, thanks!

  • Jessica 27 November 2015, 6:21 pm

    Oh, & meant to say – love that baby hat! Great colours, it looks like a tree.

  • Mother of Reinvention 28 November 2015, 9:26 am

    What a pretty hat. I love the teal and green together. They look fabulous. Those squares are a really nice way to stash bust all your wee bits of wool. I love the idea that they will become something so useful and loved. 🙂
    Gosh, it really seems to be all happening blogger-wise in Scotland. I am moving back up to Glasgow before Christmas so might catch up at something! Oh, please don’t include me in the giveaway either as much as I would love to try needle felting I have no idea when or where I will be at the moment except packing/unpacking boxes. Xx
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