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Project 52: 22/27 and 45/52


He’s so alert and sitting up now, and always grabbing stuff and sticking it in his mouth (which was the fate of this piece of paper a few seconds after this picture was taken)


We went to a St. Martin’s lantern parade/walk at the German church. Usually you would make a lantern for it, but we only found out a couple of days before it existed, and had no supplies, so just as well we had this snowman thing my parents sent last year. Milo actually had a good time at the parade, I wasn’t sure he would as he was in a grumpy mood when we left, and he sometimes doesn’t like crowds of people he doesn’t know, but he actually asked to stay longer when we offered to leave once the parade was on its way back.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015

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