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Ellis at 5 months (and a bit)

week 18
week 19
week 20
week 21
week 22

Finally caught up with the chair pictures! As you can see, he’s still a super cheery baby, although we’ve had some good bits and some bad bits lately. The bad bit is he’s stopped taking a bottle, which is obviously a bit worrying as I’m going back to work in January and Dave is then off until April. Ellis doesn’t even get upset, just pushes it out of his mouth with his tongue and takes zero milk. It did take a while with Milo as well, but we never had this not even sucking at all thing with him. We’ll keep trying and also trying a cup so hopefully he’ll get one of those before January, or Dave is going to have some pretty stressful days and I’ll never get any sleep because he’ll have to make up his milk consumption at night.

The other big development is solids, which is related to the milk thing. I went to see the health visitor at 5 months and a week when we’d just discovered about the bottles. She suggested that we make sure Ellis is on two meals a day by the time I go back, and that they are things like porridge we can use the milk for. I was a bit taken aback because I’ve always been of the view that you shouldn’t wean early/much before six months (partly because we mostly did baby led weaning with Milo and he really didn’t have the fine motor skills for it until he was about seven months). Anyway there are three signs that a baby is ready – they can sit up in a high chair, which Ellis has been for ages, they have lost the tongue thrust reflex, which I have no idea when it happened, but is usually about 4 months, and they are able to reach for and pick up things and put them into their mouths by themselves. Which Ellis hadn’t done, he’s liked to shove things into his mouth for ages but needed to be handed them. But then literally the next day after I spoke to the health visitor we were out for lunch and he was in his high chair and he reached for and picked up a toy. So we went for it, even though it was so early. We’ve gone for mush because it is early and also we need it to be things containing his milk, but we just put it on the spoon for him and he feeds himself, I am amazed how (comparatively) little mess there is! He’s not really swallowing much, but I’m more hopeful about the food than the milk!

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  • Sister 5 December 2015, 7:38 pm

    Der lacht aj auf jedem Foto! Ich freu mich schon auf ihn und seinen großen Bruder!

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