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Little Ox closing down sale art

Back in September one of our fave art shops, little ox on Candlemaker Row closed down, and then recently they had a ‘getting rid of everything’ sale weekend where everything was 60% off. We went a bit crazy with our shopping, we got 6 prints and they’re all for us! In our defence everything was just £120 altogether. But we are now officially out of wall space, we actually had to retires some older prints to make space.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve got:

Little Ox art

The black person/skeleton print is by Dan Stirling. The idlewild poster (little ox specialised in one off poster art for concerts, mostly from America) was the thing I would have got if we’d just got one thing, it looks like a painting I think and it’s easy to miss it’s even a band poster. It was from a tour they did in 2009 with Pearl Jam (?) the guy from little ox thought.

Little Ox art

Two more band posters, for specific shows. Dave talked me into the Chromatics one, as if only heard of the name but didn’t know what they sounded like and what if they were crap? Anyway, turns out I quite like them so all is good. The Arcade Fire one was the most extravagant purchase, as it was still £40. It was made for a single show, there was a set of three shows at Alexandra Palace in London and each had a different poster.

Little Ox art

This poster for a play is by the same people as the Chromatics one (though I can’t remember the name). It’s sort of ridiculous to have a poster for a theatre in Chicago, where I haven’t even ever been (similarly ridiculous about the band posters for specific shows of course), but it was only £6, and we really liked the way it looked. It will go in our bedroom, which is green themed.

Little Ox art

The final one was really Dave’s. I like the way it looks, but it’s of a person drowning, and I don’t need that on my walls. Dave will stick it in his wee computer room/train room/cubbey hole I guess, but he’s gonna have to get a frame made for it first. In fairness to him though, he was trying to get us to buy it when it was full price. It’s by Mike Lawrence Illustration who mainly seems to do metal album covers otherwise.

Little Ox is now gone forever, but if you fancy taking your chances, you can get a mystery tube with £100 worth of product for £40.

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