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Project 52: 26/29 and 49/52


Ellis has been poorly (cough/cold, doesn’t want to feed and projectile vomits when he does), but he still loves his bath! Splash splash splash


From Milo’s birthday on Friday. It was a busy day, we spent ages opening and playing with his presents then went to gymnastics class (the last one where I go in with him, next term he’s with the big kids who get to go in by themselves), then back home for lunch and cake with a nicely set table, then the nursery Christmas Carol Concert, hence the santa hat. By this point he was pretty tired and wasn’t massively into it, but I managed to drop him off backstage with the other kids and the nursery staff*. When he came onstage he was happy and smiley and sang along to the first song happily, but them made a daring escape off the stage to find us in the audience. He fought his way through a throng of people taking photos and got to us before the teacher/assistant could catch him. He also wanted leave as soon as the concert was over, but was happy when we got outside the church, which was where this picture was taken.

* incidentally, I never know what to call them. Their official title is childcare professionals, which sounds a bit poncy, and the managers seem to mostly refer to them as ‘the girls’ which I’m never very keen on for anyone over the age of 16, plus they do have one man as well. I usually call them nursery assistants, but worry that makes them seem more menial than they are. I know others call them teachers so maybe I’ll try that.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2015

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